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  1. If I'm being honest, I think the chances are unrealistic. Yes, they say they look at the applicants holistically, but that doesn't necessarily equate to them actually granting you an interview. Instead, that probably means they'll look at your file, which technically means that admission is not 'impossible', but still highly unrealistic. There are a bunch of applicants with great wGPAs COUPLED WITH great extracurriculars and letters unfortunately. In conclusion, a 'holistic' review of applicants (as UofT prides themselves in) could mean a lot of different things, but still probably favours applicants with higher wGPAs. Their holistic review is probably to distinguish talent/competencies among applicants with high wGPAs, and not really to give those with lower wGPAs a chance at admission. But this is just my thinking.
  2. Great. I'm am so excited to FINALLY get some closure, no matter what the outcome.
  3. Who wants to be the brave soul and email admissions to ask if there are more invitations coming out? LOL. They've responded to this type of email in the past, so maybe they could put all of us out our misery if someone is brave enough to ask
  4. Literally. Has anyone heard back in regards to a regret today? Maybe there's still some hope. If all invitations have been given out for April 7th, then they would've notified all of us shortly after.... but there seems to be a significant lag in notifications right now.... so perhaps there are still more slots for April 7th.
  5. Guys and gals: the truth is, we'll never know. All of our sample sizes are way too small to conclude anything meaningful at this point. But side note: if that is true, that most haven't heard back yet, are we saying that a DISPROPORTIONATE amount of applicants are competing for the April interview, all because our files took longer to review. I don't understand how their rolling admissions system makes sense tbh.
  6. That's correct. Alot of us are basing the timing of these so called "mass rejections" based on previous forums, which has a huuuuuuuuuge selective response bias.
  7. Definitely. I think those receiving interview invites during this period are more anxious than those that didn't have the misfortune of waiting this long, so the built-up anxiety makes us more active on this forum and thus, more likely to post if we got an invite lol
  8. That's awesome to hear, and that makes sense. Thanks alot for contributing to this thread!
  9. UofT actually doesn't assess MCAT score competitively, unlike GPA.
  10. That' great to hear. Just making sure: she didn't write an AEE, did she? Hahah, sorry, I just haven't heard of low 3.8s wGPA undergrad applicants getting interviews on here.
  11. Was your friend an undergraduate applicant/applicant assessed as an undergrad? Thanks!
  12. I hope so! I mean, forum posters are obviously biased, but it seems as though only 3.95> are being interviewed and it’s insane. Hopefully everything works out, because I have so much self-doubt.
  13. Feeling pretty discourage, but I feel like my non-academics are strong. Not sure how if stellar non-academics can still offset a 3.83... does anyone have any personal anecdotes re lower wGPA interview invitations? Know a friend that interviewed with a similar wGPA? etc. Thanks so much, guys and gyals!
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