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  1. That's awesome to hear, and that makes sense. Thanks alot for contributing to this thread!
  2. UofT actually doesn't assess MCAT score competitively, unlike GPA.
  3. That' great to hear. Just making sure: she didn't write an AEE, did she? Hahah, sorry, I just haven't heard of low 3.8s wGPA undergrad applicants getting interviews on here.
  4. Was your friend an undergraduate applicant/applicant assessed as an undergrad? Thanks!
  5. I hope so! I mean, forum posters are obviously biased, but it seems as though only 3.95> are being interviewed and it’s insane. Hopefully everything works out, because I have so much self-doubt.
  6. Feeling pretty discourage, but I feel like my non-academics are strong. Not sure how if stellar non-academics can still offset a 3.83... does anyone have any personal anecdotes re lower wGPA interview invitations? Know a friend that interviewed with a similar wGPA? etc. Thanks so much, guys and gyals!
  7. Has anyone out there who applied to the MD/PhD program offered an MD interview only, but no MD/PhD? They say if you're out for MD/PhD, they still theoretically consider you for MD, but I really haven't heard anyone who's experienced this. Any insights?
  8. Has anyone ever received an invite to an MD/PhD without any publications? As an undergraduate applicant, I do have two under review, and 8 peer-reviewed abstracts published as second/third authors, but I'm worried now having heard nothing from UofT, despite interview offers already being sent out. Any insights, anyone?
  9. Time Stamp: 1:54 PM Invite/Reject: Regret GPA: 3.73 CARS: 126 Casper: Thought it went really well! Geography: IP Expected.
  10. scoobydoo0216

    MD/PhD Applicants - CV

    I wanted to update my current CV with another accepted abstract. I was wondering what would happen if I uploaded another CV (updated).
  11. I already uploaded my CV via SAM a few days ago, but I received another abstract acceptance notification today. Can I upload another updated CV via SAM? Today's the deadline.
  12. If I obliterate the CASPER test, will I have a shot at an interview? Any success stories out there? cGPA: 3.74 CARS: 126.
  13. Does anyone have any unique insights as to what it takes to get an MD/PhD interview? Is a first author a golden key to an interview? Or stellar LORs? A crazy GPA? I'm sure having both would help, but I think also having stellar LORs without any publications is possible, as I've seen some posters interview without any pubs. Any unique insights?