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  1. Well with that GPA and UofT's apparent emphasis on higher GPAs, I bet you could get away with shitty references lmao
  2. In my opinion, your chances of getting in are more dependent on your strategic SCHOOL LIST than what your actual stats are. Just because someone had amazing stats and didn't get in anywhere doesn't necessarily mean that someone with stats below that have no chance. I know plenty of people with high stats, but don't get in anywhere because they only applied to non-Canadian-friendly and/or really top-heavy schools (Stanford, Harvard, JH, etc.). They were basically misinformed with how to formulate school lists. To OP: If people share their stats with you, and share an outcome, make SURE that they also provide the schools they applied to, because you can then assess the context of their application. I'd say to OP that if you can get everything submitted within a week, you could be fine (but you're really straddling the line between being screwed and having a chance). If not, wait until next cycle!
  3. Very true! I guess this upcoming cycle, raw GPA ~= wGPA. lol
  4. Holy. That's insane - 3.89 raw GPA average. I'm pretty sure the wGPA average was again in 3.96 range. I think they were embarrassed at how high the average weighted GPAs were this cycle, so they didn't disclose it. Misleading. The GPA average didn't go down, nor do I believe the process is getting more holistic at UofT. They've ALWAYS reported average wGPAs in the past. Getting really discouraged at this point.
  5. That's correct, but they're talking about AEEs, and the bolded/underlined part is not any different than what has been done in previous years.
  6. LOL how in the world does making most people's wGPA lower make admissions MORE equitable? Where in fact, those who are from lower SES backgrounds would have presumably benefited substantially MORE from the older wGPA formulation than those from higher SES backgrounds (aka those who are statistically more likely to maintain a peak and consistent state of performance during undergrad, so their wGPAs ~= cGPAs). Equity is UofT's favourite word, but I still don't see the relation. Seems like the opposite effect.
  7. Lol, more waiting. But, the question is, are the phase 3 changes being implemented during our admissions cycle? Or for the next?
  8. Thanks! Can you also ask them when they will expect to upload this for everyone/urge them to post it on youtube ASAP? LOL
  9. Is that how long the lag is? Ugh. I've been waiting all week to watch this.
  10. Apparently it's full: https://applymd.utoronto.ca/event/2020-admissions-cycle-recap-and-townhall-session Wth lol
  11. I think they soon realized that this would happen, so I think they closed it for live audiences after announcing haha
  12. Yup. This new wGPA formula will only benefit those whose cGPA is already >3.9 without weighting. Hmm, I guess we'll see an even LARGER influx of Mac Health Sci matriculants, since those outside of it no longer stand a fighting chance of being on an even playing field GPA-wise. How unfortunate.
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