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  1. I will piggyback off of this and can offer my experience at Western's PT.
  2. I worked as a kin before applying and became a physio. It all depends on how you portray the experience of being a kin on your applications. overall it's a positive but if you come off as a know it all just because you worked as a kin - no bueno
  3. Western PT group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1344149275653169/
  4. Western PT group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1344149275653169/
  5. Conham

    Program Choices

    ??? It's not like Western has a large focus on MSK to the point it gets in the way of the other areas lol. I wouldn't even call it a focus on MSK. They just have profs that are more dedicated to MSK so you will learn from some talented MSK clinicians and because of that there are more MSK post-grad courses held at Western. Vise versa where you're not going to learn more neuro at UofT, you're going to learn from some very talented profs in the neuro field. You're going to learn the same amount of neuro at UofT or Western. You will just have more rehab placements to choose from and you will be taught by clinicians who have more experience in the field but they won't/can't teach you MORE than Western would teach. All physio schools in Canada have the same goal, have their students pass the national PNE and OSCE. That means we are all required to learn the same things with equal emphasis on all subjects. Also, you want a program balanced in all 3 fields but want to go to UofT because you think they have more neuro in their program???
  6. See if you can make an appointment with an academic counsellor at a university you are interested in attending. They will be able to help you the most.
  7. How are they overhauling it? and why?
  8. Just so everyone knows, this isn't how waitlist works exactly. If one person rejects their acceptance, the waitlist doesn't move by 1 right away. Schools send out more acceptances than there are seats in anticipation that people will reject their offers. If a school has 100 seats, they may send out 200 offers, knowing more than 100 will reject. After they receive 100 rejections, they will go down the waitlist.
  9. One will be made once the class list is finalised.
  10. There is everything and anything in London for student housing. You can expect to spend anywhere from 400-600 for splitting a house with 4-6 people. 1-2 bedroom apartments vary from 400-1000 a month (750-1000 for 1 bedroom), Once the list is finalised, a FB group will be made and a lot of PT students get houses together.
  11. Conham

    Program Choices

    Don't peg yourself as a certain physio before even getting into physio. choose the program that best suites your living circumstances and learning style. Try to keep an open mind when going into physio, it's way more to it than you think, even after you're done school.
  12. Conham

    Program Choices

    All the programs in the grand scheme of things are the same material wise. It depends more on where you want to live, class size and maaaaybe how you would like your curriculum organised. Western is a lot of school for the first year, then second year is more placements. Mac is problem based learning and i am not sure how their placements work. UofT has one early placement in first year and cram MSK and neuro in the first year. Queen's boot camps anatomy and MSK in the first like 3 months and then gets an early short placement. I am not sure what else to say. if you got more specific questions, that would help.
  13. i am Western PT student. The city is decent, food is meh. things to do is okay but overall not bad to live. The program is great, good profs, facilities are good (being renovated soon), and classmates are the best part. I believe Queen's is known for their cardioresp since they have a hospital close by with a good cardioresp floor. That being said, all the programs will teach you the same stuff you need to know for the national exam. It's just a little more expertise in some fields over another - minor differences in the grand scheme of things.
  14. Queen's historically sends out more acceptances than they have seats, predicting that a certain amount of them will reject their offers. This means they will not go down the waitlist as much. How much they go down the waitlist depends on how many reject their offers. Varies year to year but sometimes they don't go down the waitlist, other years i think they go down the waitlis like 5-15 spots.
  15. I believe that doesn't matter. You have a week to make your initial acceptance or provisional acceptance. Then they send out all of the second round of offers to waitlisted people the following week. so it doesn't matter if you make your decision in 1min or 1 week. It sucks to be relying on the waitlist though. you have to wait another 10 days or something when you thought it would be all over lol