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  1. Based on people's experiences, it seems like the US is more lucrative than Canada (add the value of the dollar and its even more lucrative). But I'm not sure how many people have moved countries over it.
  2. So you would say you're content with what you make and living comfortably? Compared to other career options you may have considered? Would you consider practice ownership outside Toronto (start-up or reviving a dying one)?
  3. Not yet. Two of my friends are currently in specialty school (OMFS, ortho) so any data from them will take at least another 3-4 years. Completely agree. Obviously this is a very very small sample but it does give some data from recent grads. Even though the avg may be 120-130k pre-tax, that's a very good income for someone with no debt. Really do reconsider dentistry if you take a 350-400k debt to make 130k pre-tax in the GTA (especially with the high cost of living). With such a small sample size, its definitely not representative of the whole dental population in the GTA. There is a lot of variety but at the end of the day, my point is that dentistry is something you should enjoy and love to do day in and day out, especially if you take on 350-400k debt. Those graduating with zero/minimal debt will not stress over making higher $$$, working longer hours to make loan payments, etc. And having minimal debt means you could buy clinic(s) quicker and have a higher income potential without worrying about school loans. I'd be having sleepless nights if I took 350-400k debt for dental school, 800k+ mortgage to live in the GTA, and all the high taxes you pay in Canada in general. That's just my opinion though but i'm sure some people share the same views.
  4. A few of my friends have been practicing for exactly 1 year now. These stats might be useful for people looking to gain some info on the associate market in different areas. 1) Practicing in rural Alberta (~2 hours east of Edmonton) --> 220k pre-tax working 6 days a week 2) Practicing in GTA --> 150k pre-tax working 5 days a week 3) Practicing 1.5 hours outside GTA --> 175k pre-tax working 5 days a week 4) Practicing in Calgary --> 180k pre-tax working 5 days a week Although income does depend on types of procedures, days you work, etc., it does seem imo that dentistry is still a great profession. But if your taking out 350-500k loans for dental school, its better to go into another profession. If your parents can afford to pay for dental school and you have zero/minimal debt, then definitely go and be ahead of the curve so that you can buy clinics and have a higher income pretty quickly.
  5. I have a bunch of family in the states and I personally shifted to the states when I got my green card but I’m still in dental school. Generally from what I’ve seen, the employment climate in the states is great. As a Canadian with no green card (I’m assuming?), you’ll need to enter under TN visa. Pretty easy to get but as for seeking employment, remember your competing against American grads. You’ll need to convince prospective employers that you should be chosen over local dentists, that’s the biggest hurdle. Also I was told that you cannot purchase a practice under TN visas, you will need to process for permanent residency to be able to do that. There are good opportunities available on the east and west coast, I’ve seen saturation being a bigger issue in Canada than the states recently. Hope this helps.
  6. Just out of curiosity, I was wondering what PT private clinic owners would make in Ontario/Alberta/Sask (rural vs urban would be helpful if that info is available). I was talking with a friend about how PT clinic owners should make hundreds of thousands of dollars before taxes at a busy clinic but I was told its not the case. Does anyone have ballpark figures for PT clinic owner salaries if suppose someone owned 2 private clinics in a slightly saturated area? Thanks!
  7. Heard from few friends at western that the seat was filled and the new student started today. Western only accepted 55 students this year and they held onto the seat for a deferal student but that student decided to not show up so the seat was allocated to someone else.
  8. I think it’s more about flexibility than anything. If your willing to work a little outside he GTA for example, you will find a good paying job and have the ability to build a practice. Or, you could move to the states as strawberryjams has mentioned but that would bring another set of issues.
  9. That means your normal waitlist and from the looks of it, your chances are extremely slim as HWL hasn’t even cleared. Tuition should be due sometime in the first week of August
  10. I heard a few of my friends on the waitlist saying schulich only moved 8-9 spots so far. But yes I know 4 people on the HWL at schulich.
  11. What about taking your LOC and investing in the states? Does that get reported to OSAP? I’ve been giving it some thought recently and I’m assuming there is no cross border reporting?
  12. I think people are referring to the infinite momentum ($99) but you're still right. The payback is substantially higher than the annual fee. I've earned $650 back this year through my regular purchases (gas, groceries, etc.) using the infinite momentum and benefitted from the waived annual fee. I would say infinite passport/infinite momentum. 4% cashback on groceries/gas, 2% on drug stores/recurring purchases and 1% on everything else on top of great travel medical insurance and other benefits (extended warranty, etc.). The infinite passport is great for the lounge visits and travel rewards accumulation, plus both cards are visa and accepted widely compared to AmEx. If your advisor knows the right people at 40 King (Scotia HQ), they'll be able to pull off a lot more than you think
  13. Hiking taxes, figuring out ways to pay for dental and pharm plans, don’t forget about making Ontario a sanctuary province. Where is all this money coming from? Oh yeah the doctors, dentists, etc who make too much money
  14. Doug Ford will be the next premier based on the current polls. Sincerely hope NDP don't form government or combine with the liberals to form a coalition. That would be the worst
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