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  1. OOP Accepted off waitlist! MCAT: 525; GPA: 3.9+ Looking forwards to coming in from Ontario
  2. Just got off the waitlist (Ontario applicant). Best of luck to all
  3. Hey all, I'm a Canadian applicant preparing for my third cycle and could use help making my list of US schools to apply to. I graduated in 2018 from a Canadian University. After applying in only Canada out of my 4th year, I got 3 interviews, and was waitlisted at all 3. This past cycle, I got 4 interviews and was waitlisted at 2. I've decided to invest in applying to the U.S as extra insurance this year, before my MCAT score expires and it becomes much harder to apply anywhere. I will be applying to at least 12 Canadian schools (pretty much every single one except the French ones), and I am looking for somewhere between 10 and 15 US schools to apply to. I've bought MSAR and started my own list. I am looking at those schools most "Canadian-friendly" (top-tier, Private), and also the ones that complement my high MCAT. Any advice on which ones are not worth applying to, and ones that are that I've missed, is much appreciated. MCAT: 525: 31/31/31/32 (taken Sept. 2016) cGPA: ~3.93 sGPA: ~3.88 Volunteering: 500+ hours volunteering at children's hospital directly with patients. Research: 1 large systematic review/meta-analysis submitted for publication; 1 systematic review/meta-analysis in progress; 1 poster for thesis work. Work Experience: summer job as a MCAT tutor. Other: contributor and on the editorial team for a local writers' group (short fiction, poetry); amateur martial arts; practice/play music on an amateur level. Current list of 18 in no particular order: Columbia (Vagelos) Harvard Stanford Vanderbilt Yale Johns Hopkins Wayne State Thomas Jefferson (Sidney Kimmel) St. Louis U Howard Washington U St. Louis Tulane Michigan State Pittsburgh Duke Perelman Penn Case Western Chicago Pritzker
  4. K I'm also getting a referee issue for Toronto MD/PhD which I didnt indicate I'm applying to. And also Ottawa Pre-reqs (organic chemistry) when I'm doing general chem / biochem instead. Any help?
  5. For interview prep? Nothing major, just practice with friends who were also applying at the time. Any suggestions for what i should try out?
  6. Applied almost everywhere in Ontario, plus UManitoba. Interviewed at Mac, Western and UManitoba, waitlisted at all three. 4-year GPA: ~3.95 (11.5 McMaster GPA) MCAT: 525 (131/131/131/132) Notable EC's: * 200+ hours volunteering at nearby Children's hospital, directly interacting with patients. * Research experience with systematic reviews - 1 poster, 1-2 potential publications. Clearly I need to add to my EC's to improve my chances of being interviewed at other Ontario universities, but I'm still trying to figure out how to do that over the next few months.
  7. I was waitlisted at Mac and Western and I don't believe I've heard word that they've stopped taking people. Do they notify waitlisted applicants at any points that they will no longer be considered? If yes, approximately when should we expect this to come out?
  8. I mean obviously I'll wait until September, but I'm wondering how the waitlist system works - do they send the invites in waves? How often do they send them? 3.96 cGPA, 525 MCAT (131 CARS), IP (non-SWOMEN), average EC's. Thought interview went well or at least average but here I am. How so long should I expect to wait?
  9. Flying in from Ontario and I keep thinking everything is going to go wrong at some point, haha. Anyone else flying in this weekend?
  10. I don't know about the first, but for the second case, "after looking for potential dangers .. etc. " is standard first-aid instruction, so would seem a reasonable answer, particularly if one were trained in first-aid.
  11. Invited (MD) GPA: ~3.96 CARS: 131 CASPer: No prep, felt good. IP, 4th year UG at Mac.
  12. Any brand recommendations? But seriously, you don't think my EC's will be a problem for getting interviews?
  13. EDIT: Disregard, managed to send my scores electronically Thanks!
  14. Hey, I'm an Ontario resident applying to Ontario schools, plus UBC, Saskachewan and Manitoba. Wondering what my chances are and if I should look into schools in Alberta as well. My EC's definitely weak, so I'm wondering if I should bother looking into Alberta, and if I even have a realistic shot at UBC. cGPA (unweighted): 3.95 MCAT: 525, 131 CARS. EC's: 100+ hours hospital volunteering with patient contact, 250+ hours research team member (unpaid, course credit) on a systematic review, 30+ hours research team member on ongoing review study (unpaid), couple of university cash awards for academic performance, hobbies include playing music with friends, with a few live performances. Thanks.
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