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  1. Not completely in the same vein as the visa conversation, but has anyone found clear statistics for US med graduates matching in Canada by specialty, or by program location? I've only come across one table on the CaRMS Data and Tables page that mentions the total number of applicants and matches.
  2. So for starters, some schools do panel interviews, one-on-one interviews, or the MMI. I think most schools say what method they use on their website. Case Western did two one-on-one interviews, one with a faculty member and one with a current student. Each had access to different parts of the application (faculty member can see your ECs, AMCAS profile, secondary essays; student can only see your personal statement I believe). The interviews were very relaxed I found, and talked an equal amount about ECs and personality traits. The faculty member asked me some questions about why I wanted to come to the US as a Canadian, so that was probably unique to my interview. They both asked about healthcare experiences as I mentioned those in multiple sections of my application. The interview at SUNY Upstate was MMI of about 9 stations, so the experience was pretty varied. There was one role-play scenario (not very intense, no distressed patient or anything like that), a couple stations where you typed out a response to a prompt, and the rest were one-on-ones with faculty or students asking a question. Overall, I enjoyed both interviews and they were much more relaxed than I thought they would be. Hope this helps!
  3. I got rejected everywhere else unfortunately.
  4. Let me know if you'd still like me to elaborate on the interview experience, or parts of my profile!
  5. Hey Van, I got accepted to Case Western Reserve University this past cycle (ranked 25th on the US News list, if I'm not mistaken). I'll preface my stats/profile by saying CWRU no longer accepts international students for the University Program (the standard, 4-year MD) as of next year, but you can still apply to the College program (MD with a heavier research component + mandatory master's level thesis project). Details to that here: http://portals.clevelandclinic.org/Admissions/tabid/7093/lcm2/Academics/tabid/7091/Default.aspx Moving on... AMCAS cGPA (note: I went to University of Western Ontario, so my GPA conversion reflects that): 3.93 sGPA: 3.89 MCAT (written July 2013): 12 PS / 10 VR / 12 BS Extracurriculars: - 2 years full-time employment at an IT research and advisory firm in Toronto - Started a Terry Fox run-related initiative at UWO (personally ran 300km in 36 days, raised $1800) - 4 week preventive medicine and primary care observership in Nigeria - 3 years of volunteering as a orientation leader/mentor to first year science students (2 years as a general member directly assigned to 10-20 students for the year; 1 year as the head of the team responsible for team selections, event planning, team management, etc. etc) - 1 year as faculty representative on UWO Orientation Planning Committee - 30 hours of shadowing in a critical care unit in Mississauga - 150 hours of volunteering as a tutor at the Boys and Girls Club of London - Acted as a standardized patient for Schulich Med's point of care ultrasound symposium for two years -Veterinary assistant+ social media manager at a Toronto veterinary clinic
  6. Thought it would be nice to revive this thread: Ontario resident, honours degree in Physiology from Western in 2015. Have been working for the last 1.5 years as a consulting analyst at an IT research and advisory firm in Toronto. Canadian citizenship. Submitted primary July 18th (verified August 11th) Submitted secondaries from August through November. cGPA: 3.93 aoGPA: 4.00 sGPA: 3.89 MCAT 2013: 12 PS/ 10 VR/ 12 BS Applied to: Cornell, Boston, Columbia, UPitt, Pennsylvania, UConn, Duke, SUNY Upstate, Case Western Reserve, Michigan, Tufts, Thomas Jefferson, Emory, Vanderbilt Accepted at: TBD?? (currently have interviews at SUNY Upstate and Case Western Reserve) Rejected (pre-interview): Boston, UPitt, Michigan, Vanderbilt. Still have yet to hear from the rest Of all the schools I applied to, I'd like to attend Columbia as my first choice.
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