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  1. One more thing to take into account is whether or not this new course you're taking will satisfy the requirements of certain schools that look at a minimum number of courses required for your school level. For example, I think Western requires you to have at least 3 courses per semester that are at your school year or higher (i.e. if you're in third year of university right now, then you need at least 3 300+ level courses per semester).
  2. "At Queen’s we review the cumulative GPA and 2 year most recent GPA. Whichever of the two is highest is the one associated with the applicant’s application." This is taken directly from their website.
  3. I have read that on the website, thank you. However, I think that this statement is vague and cannot be interpreted at surface value necessarily. The website also states: "Each year approximately 2000 applicants progress to the sketch and reference letter review." This is referring to the minimum GPA and MCAT scores applicants must pass. Therefore, that statement you pointed out could also be referring to the fact that the GPA and MCAT scores are used as minimum scores for which approximately screens to 2000 applicants, who then "progress to the sketch and reference letter review." It does not necessarily mean that GPA and MCAT scores are used during the sketch and reference letter review to rank the top 500 applicants. Of course, you may be right! I just wanted to make sure that you had a clear source for your information (apart from the vague and not obvious statement that you pulled from their website), which clearly you do not seem to have. There's a reason that Queens has always been known as a black box. Most people have certainly read their admissions requirements website and discussed this topic before.
  4. Where did you get that info? I've seen multiple people (who attend Queens) on here that post that GPA and MCAT is purely used to screen applicants prior to interview. That is to say, after an applicant passes a certain threshold for GPA and MCAT, reference letters and ABS solely determine whether said applicant gets an interview.
  5. I believe I've read previous posts on this forum specifically of people having done 6th years in the past! It's definitely not ordinary but also not unheard of. I'd look up those past posts to see if you could get any additional information, and also perhaps e-mail the Schulich Medical Admissions Office as well as talk to your own school's academic advisor about any particular questions you might have.
  6. I don't have any insight into any medical schools outside of Canada. That being said, since you are a SWOMEN student, I believe that the best way forward is to really try to get 3.7+ in your 5th and 6th years (with each semester consisting of at least 3 or more courses at the 300+ level - I believe this is the minimum course level requirement for any undergrad years above and including 3rd year? Someone correct me on that if I'm mistaken). As a SWOMEN candidate, your chances at UWO are actually quite good as long as you meet the cutoffs for the GPA/MCAT. I think based off another recent post looking at the admission statistics for SWOMEN applicants, something like a minimum of 60% is the acceptance rate post-interview! One thing is that I'm not quite sure how the process works in doing a 6th year of undergrad, I'm sure someone else will have better insight on that. This is just my opinion though, but considering your upward trend in GPA I believe you should be able to hit 3.7+ in each year. Perhaps others will have differing opinions than I do. Best of luck!
  7. Not to hijack your thread but what if your GPA is something like 3.696? Would the admissions committee round that to a 3.70?
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