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  1. I’m writing about huge workplace accidents/ death, family hardship/ suicide, working with some of the most vulnerable institutionalized populations, working in a military trauma camp. I might break it down to 2-3 because they have tons of depth and huge impact on my life.
  2. One of my references has moved to a new organization/ institution. Should I put the new organization's name and address? Or put down the organization for which they worked with me? Thanks
  3. Not entirely sure about U of A, but Calgary will take that into account in their subjective academic assessment portion.
  4. Fortunately this works a lot more in mine and non-trade student's favours. Still get to drop a year vs majority of undergrad applicants and my summers under 12 credits don't count anymore!!
  5. first time applying this year and I scored 7/17. You can message me and I can go over the specifics if you'd like.
  6. First time applying and I had a score of 7/17 (IP average 6/17) You can message me and I can go over them with you if you'd like.
  7. Hey everyone! I know at this point it is too late to make any changes to my application, but I just realized I had put total number of hours as "0" on one of my employment positions by mistake. I did however, list the activity as "variable" and described my involvement, listing approximate hours per week. Will this negatively impact my application? Thanks, and hopefully this isn't a big deal because now I'm worried
  8. I didn’t put a supporting url for any of my volunteer/ leadership/ work activities. However one of my diversity entries I linked my personal art portfolio website.
  9. Good to go! Hopefully I’ll see you at interview day
  10. I used this section to talk about very significant childhood trauma/ continued life battles that I have experienced.
  11. I think they're unique and are activities that I thoroughly enjoy doing. I'm concerned that lack of research experience may look bad. Thank you! I'm really trying to take initiative in creating my own opportunities with the skills I learned and serve the community in ways other than just clocking in and out volunteer hours. I'll definitely be expanding on my healthcare employment experiences! And yes, I'll be merging some activities to have a continuum. 8/9 I might keep separate as one involves peer tutoring and the other involves community/ clients. Thank you
  12. There really isn't a point for me to complete the full degree, as my current degree carries me into a career that pays well and opens lots of doors for personal development. I also have many years of patient care under my belt and hat will continue as I work in my licensed profession. I'm really only looking to do a year or two max to meet the 18credit requirement each year and upgrade my GPA. I just don't know if I'm able to do the 1 year and call it quits once I'm satisfied, or if I would have to maintain active registration for a following year while my med app is in.
  13. I don't have to complete the undergrad right? If I complete the 1st year of the new undergrad in April, would I still have to continue my 2nd year studies into the next year?
  14. Scratch the open studies comment. Looks like you can only take 6 credits per term which wouldn't meet the 18credit full year requirement. So I would just need to apply for a another program and take 3 courses per term?
  15. Hey everyone. I'm in my 4th year of undergrad to be graduating this April. If I finish this year strong, my application GPA would be around ~3.64. I would like to upgrade my GPA and know that I require an academic year that is atleast 18 credits for it to apply to my GPA. Would I just have to apply for another degree, say sciences, and take 3 courses a semester? Or can I go apply as open studies? Thanks!
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