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  1. Time Stamp: Result: Accepted!!!! Geography: IP GPA: 3.55 MCAT: 509 (128 CARS) Degree: Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Science, Master of Nursing E.C: Was (Am i guess but will be giving notice) an NP, lots of health care experience projects etc. Interestingly only scored a 103 last couple years (not even interview last year) Interview: Thought I did average. Messed up more than a few stations. Interestingly I interviewed 2 years ago and was 8th percentile!!!! Never thought this would happen given my abysmal GPA.
  2. I did interview last year so could be from that. I am less interested in the tab itself it may be leftover from last year but the fact that the scheduler has a date and time on it. I guess we will see. Good luck to all whether it is today or not. And sorry if my post caused any sleepless nights.
  3. Does anybody else have an interview section in their application. Also if I click on the interview scheduler button it says the scheduler will be open Monday Jan 22 at 10 am. Computer glitch or are we going to find out tomorrow?
  4. Sorry realized I was not clear with my last post. I am an applicant as well, got the interview invite and looking to see for anybody else in the area that wants to practice.
  5. Is there any one on the island that wants to prep for the MMIs. I am in the Nanaimo area.
  6. Result: Invite Time Stamp: Jan 24 - 2:40pm MST Interview Date: wGPA: 3.56 Year: Graduated Masters MCAT: 509 (128 CARS) ECs: Lots, must be above average, NP in a First Nations primary care clinic, volunteering, national conferences, sports etc Geography : IP Super excited, does anybody know if we get to see our score before the interview to know what we are going in with.
  7. I am in for MMI prep. I am over on the island. Is anybody else around nanaimo that wants to meet up to share resouces and practice. Also interested in Skyping with other rural folks as well.
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