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  1. Yeah thanks for the feedback guys - that's what I was thinking as well. I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate us adding random fluff and miscellaneous details to to fill get as close to the limit as possible.
  2. Just wondering if from everyone's experience or knowledge of the application review process, whether or not you would recommend using anywhere near the full character limit for descriptions of activities in the supplemental application. I ask because 500 characters is significantly longer than either OMSAS, UBC, or Memorial applications - and they specifically state that "Descriptions of activities should be concise".
  3. BalkanRelations

    Western Now Looking at ECs

    Yeah, that's exactly what I'm wondering as well.
  4. BalkanRelations

    Interview Invite Breakdown

    Sorry to press - but do you have any idea if they are also going to change their pre-interview MCAT cut off for OOP applicants? I think my application stands up pretty well in regards to all other parts of the evaluation - but my 127 in CARS makes it seem like its not worth it for me to apply at all.
  5. In saying this, are you guys implying that the 128 CARS cutoff is no longer absolute for OOP applicants? I ask this because I have a very good MCAT score overall but wasn't planning on applying to UofA this cycle since my CARS is only a 127.
  6. BalkanRelations

    How long should I wait off on submitting my primary?

    Awesome man - that was super helpful! =)
  7. Highly considered applying to US schools this cycle, but I have barely started working on my Primary app thus far. I know everybody on here advises to submit "as soon as possible" and June 1st appears to be the first day which they open for submission. Will they actually be instantly submitted to our list of schools any time after this date? I noticed that on the aamc calendar, it lists June 29th as a date where "Completed Applications sent to Schools", so I am wondering if it will make any difference whether I submit it anytime between June 1st - June 29th (or even waiting until July). I ask this for two main reasons. First off, I would like as much time as possible to write out my 15 experiences + the personal essay - so an additional few weeks to work in it would be invaluable. Second, I am currently undergoing several doctor shadowing opportunities and if I hold off on completing my activities until the end of the month, this would give me an additional 10-30 hours to add to the ~30 hours I have done thus far. Additionally, I understand that the LORs seem to be the only component of the primary that don't officially need to be completed upon submission (and don't have to be sent to schools until after receiving the secondaries). This is a relief since there are still a few decisions I need to make on who to request an LOR from, as well as one individual who might take some time to get a hold of. Is there any general recommendation on when I should have them submitted by, because I realize that some school have very particular requests as to the number and type of LORs they need. Thanks a lot for the responses everyone - this forum is a big help.
  8. BalkanRelations

    Where to include Shadowing/Observerships on ABS?

    I'm personally going to put each of mine as a separate experience (between 10-20 hours each). I don't think this is padding since I plan on seeing significantly different physicians during each one, and I don't think I could adequately describe the experience if I bunched them together. I also find that maintaining observership with the exact same person and place is only useful up to a certain point, as you get a pretty good gist of their role after a short while. Not to mention I'm sure many will find the experience to be a bit of a burden after a while.
  9. BalkanRelations

    How to select Casper testing for Canada?

    Yeah it looks like you're right - they each only differ by a single day so I didn't even notice. I do get back to Canada on the 18th - so at least I can rely on the stability of my home WiFi if I take it on August 19th haha.
  10. BalkanRelations

    How to select Casper testing for Canada?

    Yeah, it does look to have been a typo haha and yes I am planning to write in August for Dalhousie - but either way I'm sure I'l be able to find a good, quiet spot with internet access.
  11. BalkanRelations

    How to select Casper testing for Canada?

    Are you sure they are confirmed? I just checked their website and the latest 2018 test dates they have released are for February 2018. I'm curious myself as I will be on vacation for most of the month of August.
  12. Thanks a lot for the input guys! I didn't include my EC's mostly because it is hard to fully list and describe them in such limited space haha. I'd like to think that I have some very extensive but also varied EC activities that make me a fairly outstanding applicant - but I obviously understand just how impressive the applicant pool applying at these school will be, so I wouldn't toot my horn about them too much! I'm mostly focused on Canadian schools and think I have an excellent shot at multiple this upcoming year, so the possibility of going to one of these top American schools is more of just a pipe dream slash icing on the cake. Overall, I probably will apply to 3-6 or so and give it a shot - so hopefully it works out!
  13. I am planning to apply to Canadian schools this upcoming cycle, but also am strongly considering doing the same for a few U.S. MD schools. My cGPA on its own isn't anything special, but I do have a very strong upward trend and I have seen that mentioned as a factor quite a bit on this board. Year 1: 3.23 Year 2: 3.63 Year 3: 3.84 Year 4: 4.00 Year 5: 4.00 (most likely) My MCAT is also a 517 (129/127/131/130) I'm just wondering if the upward trend could make me decently competitive with some of the Canadian friendly MD schools with the higher MSAR requirements (ie Harvard, Stanford, Baylor, etc) - or would this just end up being a waste of my time and money?
  14. BalkanRelations

    List of Canadian-friendly USMD Schools

    Really wish those schools in Texas would start taking Canadians since they actually have tuition fees comparable to some Canadian schools. What are the chances they decide to change their ways and actually do so for this upcoming cycle? Is it any use calling and asking them?
  15. Damn, I thought there was a 3.85 wGPA cut off. I guess not?