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  1. I'm guessing this is just to give us proper room for including a title indicating the ABS items plus the appropriate activity name and verifier numbers? And otherwise the actually essay component will be checked to ensure it is 250 words?
  2. I right clicked on my browser page, selected "Print" and then "Save as PDF".
  3. Is there no way to preview the entries for our ABS activities? I wanted to be able to skim over descriptions quickly by scrolling through them, as opposed to having to click "Change" each time we want to look over a description. I was also hoping to use it as a way of ensuring that formatting was okay - as I remember OMSAS mentioning that copying + pasting can mess with the format of text when they view it. Thanks
  4. I always use the "Print Form" option on the top right corner too, when I get paranoid about this stuff haha. But yeah, copying and pasting seems to work fine as long as you double check after.
  5. MUN gives you a 150 character limit for each extracurricular activity description - exact same as OMSAS.
  6. Would you recommend essentially just copying and pasting our activity descriptions from OMSAS? Most people tend to use abbreviations and point form on OMSAS to fit within that character limit, so I was curious if it is also okay to do so with our MUN application. Thanks!
  7. BalkanRelations

    Brief Personal Essays

    That's interesting to know, but if this is the case, then why do you think we are instructed to provide verifier numbers for specific activities?
  8. BalkanRelations

    NYU to make medical school free

    This should make it a lot more viable for Canadian applicants to apply to US MD schools
  9. BalkanRelations

    Physician political orientation

    You sound like the guy charged for assaulting that kid in the restaurant with the MAGA hat and yelling "You ain't supporting ****"
  10. Yeah thanks for the feedback guys - that's what I was thinking as well. I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate us adding random fluff and miscellaneous details to to fill get as close to the limit as possible.
  11. Just wondering if from everyone's experience or knowledge of the application review process, whether or not you would recommend using anywhere near the full character limit for descriptions of activities in the supplemental application. I ask because 500 characters is significantly longer than either OMSAS, UBC, or Memorial applications - and they specifically state that "Descriptions of activities should be concise".
  12. BalkanRelations

    Western Now Looking at ECs

    Yeah, that's exactly what I'm wondering as well.
  13. BalkanRelations

    Interview Invite Breakdown

    Sorry to press - but do you have any idea if they are also going to change their pre-interview MCAT cut off for OOP applicants? I think my application stands up pretty well in regards to all other parts of the evaluation - but my 127 in CARS makes it seem like its not worth it for me to apply at all.
  14. In saying this, are you guys implying that the 128 CARS cutoff is no longer absolute for OOP applicants? I ask this because I have a very good MCAT score overall but wasn't planning on applying to UofA this cycle since my CARS is only a 127.
  15. BalkanRelations

    How long should I wait off on submitting my primary?

    Awesome man - that was super helpful! =)