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  1. BalkanRelations

    Queen's interview timing/format?

    Based on the wording on the Queens website, it seems like you will be cut off after exactly 5 minutes during your initial answer and then you will be given the remaining two minutes (or longer if you stopped sooner) to answer a single prompt question. Am I interpreting this correctly?
  2. BalkanRelations

    Hamilton/McMaster MMI Prep

    Would be awesome to get together enough people for a full mock MMI circuit. I know they've done those at Mac in the past
  3. The Review and Submit looks like it works again, but right now its saying that the programs are closed for submission.
  4. Wow it was working and now it stopped again
  5. Well I'm glad they were very reasonable in giving us way more hours than we would've lost to application errors, as a way to account for the unnecessary stress and possible timing issues. EDIT: I also just got another 502 proxy error so thats probably another reason why they did this
  6. .... "into the evening" so my impression is it will be extended but not known how long?
  7. Neither work for me =(
  8. Is there any confirmation of this? I'm paranoid and cant reach them over the phone
  9. BalkanRelations

    No dashes and Hyphens count as words?!

    Nevermind guys - I called U of T and they reassured me not to worry and it'll be fine if I use hyphens. My panic attack is over haha
  10. Man this is really annoying, I prepared all my U of T essays in mind with using tons of En Dashes ("–") which don't count as words and function like commas, but these don't transfer onto the OMSAS application. I thought the solution would be to just use hyphens instead, but it turns out word processors like MS Word actually count these as words - so I wouldn't want to risk U of T reviewers thinking I went over the word limit. I guess the only solution would be to replace all these dashes with commas – even though it will make my essays look way uglier? =(
  11. Do you know if it is always mandatory to add this into the description? For example, the title for one of my EC activities includes "Club Executive" in it - so would it still be necessary to include "Club" at the beginning of the description? On the other hand, I list playing tennis as an activity and specifically mention in the description that I was on a varisty tennis team and played in both singles and doubles. Would it still be necessary to use up character space with "Individual & Team" at the beginning? It seems especially ineffective to do so because we can have an activity which includes aspects from different types/levels of involvement.
  12. Haha yeah this brings out the neuroticism in me. Two of the live streams mentioned that there is leniency in the word count but never specify anything - so the only thing I can really take at face value is the "250 word limit".
  13. BalkanRelations

    Transcript Due Date

    I just checked the application guidline PDF and it says Nov 1st, 2018 - so I'm pretty confident that should be accurate
  14. Thanks - I wasn't aware of this page and will definitely check it out!