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  1. Hey, there is a limited number of places for students at the distributed sites. From the UBC website: Short-Term Campus Residence in Vancouver for year 1 students admitted to the Island, Northern, and Southern Medical Programs (IMP, NMP, and SMP) All Year 1 students in the MD Undergraduate Program will spend the fall term in Vancouver. For 2018-19, in partnership with Student Affairs and the MD Undergraduate Program, Student Housing and Hospitality Services has set aside a maximum of 20spaces in Fairview Crescent residence for students who have accepted an offer of admission to the Island, Northern, or Southern Medical Program. These 20 students will be placed on a Priority Access Placement List (PAPL). The type of residence offered to the students on the PAPL is classified as a “single” student accommodation – a private bedroom in a four- or six-bedroom suite. Student Housing and Hospitality Services will aim to place together students on the PAPL in Fairview Crescent (in a Single Room Small, Single Room Medium, Single Room Medium Large, or Single Room Large), as room vacancies become available. link: http://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/student-resources/housing/
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    After 2nd year is convenient because you have already established a solid foundation from general science courses. Depending on how well you followed the material from the school year and provided you took intro psychology, you should be pretty well set up. Assuming you're applying fourth year, it also allows you to maybe take a volunteer research position sometime during your second year and then summer of third year you can land an even better position that will really stand out on your application because you already have experience (preferably from 1st and 2nd year) - and be able to put in full time hours to boot.