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    What do you mean by competitive shadowing programs? Are there any such programs in Canada? Could you please share the names of such programs? Thanks!
  2. wannabdoctor


    Hello everyone! I was wondering how much weight does shadowing as a premed have on your application? I understand that it is a good personal reason to do so because it lets you know what life as a physician will be. However, is it even worth mentioning on any of the applications as an activity you were involved with? Is there a certain amount of hours that "makes you look good" per say? Any help will be appreciated!!
  3. If you think about it, the entire human system is just an extremely complex chemical reaction...:blink:

  4. wannabdoctor

    Summer courses

    Thank you both! This helped. Yea I was worried as I am currently taking a little intense Biology course. I hope I can maintain my average
  5. Hi! I was wondering... does USask account the average for summer courses? I know U of T doesn't and UBC does, but couldn't find anything about this on the USask website. Thanks!
  6. TRUST To remain understanding solemnly through
  7. wannabdoctor

    Third Year PHPY Courses

    Hey Thanks for asking! I would like to know too! I heard from a friend that from the PHPY classes 304 and 305 are the hardest but it is still possible to get above a 90 in those despite the difficulty, so I am guessing the 303 shouldn't be too bad. That being said, I myself am entering 3rd year, so I can't tell you for sure. 308 should be fine too from what I heard, so I wouldn't worry too much about it. See ya in class next term!
  8. U of S doesn't have a defined number of classes that you need to take per semester as long as you complete your degree in a specified amount of time (5 years i think it is). Kinesiology is definitely a good route, make sure to study up on your biochemistry for MCAT though.
  9. wannabdoctor

    2018 UofT Interview Video

    Makes me want to go to U of T!
  10. wannabdoctor

    How do med schools convert percentage to GPA?

    Ok, it makes sense, Thank you so much!
  11. wannabdoctor

    How do med schools convert percentage to GPA?

    Thanks! I checked the U of A site multiple times, but I was unable to find it. It is possible to point me in the right direction? Thanks again!
  12. Hi! I was just wondering, do all med schools use the OSMAS scale (https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/omsas-conversion-table/) or do they have their own conversion tables? I am a student at the University of Saskatchewan and currently have an average 94.6%. Will it be considered a 4.0 at U of A, U of C, McGill, etc (in accordance to the OSMAS) or will it be considered a 3.78? Thanks!!