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  1. Most 1 year MSc programs I have come across have strict restrictions... At USask for instance, there is a 1 year MSc for people who have done their honors in a particular major but for everyone else its two. You could alternatively opt for an MBA... atleast at USask they don't care what your undergraduate degree is in and in 1 year you may end up with an arguable more useful masters degree (get started on that MD/MBA stream early)
  2. I believe the NSERC due date is somewhere in Mid-Feb so I would start emailing the profs right about now!
  3. I don't think it matters if you start Jan 2020 or September 2020 because in either case you will be starting med in the same year (there are no winter start dates for med so if all goes well you will have to start in Sept 2024). Starting in Jan doesn't seem to give you any advantage? unless you use the last semester off to solely prep for MMI or something. I would wait till September if it were me
  4. Usask doesn't do wGPA anymore, so as long as you complete your degree in 5 years of less you should be good. They look at grades from every semester except for the very last one.
  5. Yep If you are coming to Sask, would definitely recommend this program. The content is pretty much what you will see in your first year med and taught by many of the same professors.
  6. No... unfortunately it was 127... Tho it seems like that shouldn't have mattered.
  7. No I haven't rewritten my MCAT and I never heard of this rule before either!
  8. Yes!! I too have a comparable GPA and MCAT and didn't receive an interview... Maybe my essays sucked lol but then I thought the essays and stuff weren't looked at till after the interview.
  9. This thread being so calm makes me very nervous lol
  10. Thank you! and congrats for the II! How long do you guys think OOP invites will be sent for? They are probably all sent out eh?
  11. Do you guys mind sharing your stats? I am OOP applicant who is currently getting a little too worried
  12. Last year they had the OOP invites first right? Did I miss it already
  13. I finally got a "UofS College of Medicine - Application Receipt" in the email today!
  14. Yes! thats what it says on the admissions document
  15. Hey, Yes I had come across your post earlier but unfortunately I am located in SK so it wouldn't work for me. Thanks for the offer tho!
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