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  1. Yep If you are coming to Sask, would definitely recommend this program. The content is pretty much what you will see in your first year med and taught by many of the same professors.
  2. No... unfortunately it was 127... Tho it seems like that shouldn't have mattered.
  3. No I haven't rewritten my MCAT and I never heard of this rule before either!
  4. Yes!! I too have a comparable GPA and MCAT and didn't receive an interview... Maybe my essays sucked lol but then I thought the essays and stuff weren't looked at till after the interview.
  5. This thread being so calm makes me very nervous lol
  6. Thank you! and congrats for the II! How long do you guys think OOP invites will be sent for? They are probably all sent out eh?
  7. Do you guys mind sharing your stats? I am OOP applicant who is currently getting a little too worried
  8. Last year they had the OOP invites first right? Did I miss it already
  9. I finally got a "UofS College of Medicine - Application Receipt" in the email today!
  10. Yes! thats what it says on the admissions document
  11. Hey, Yes I had come across your post earlier but unfortunately I am located in SK so it wouldn't work for me. Thanks for the offer tho!
  12. Hello everyone I am a final year student at USask looking for other committed premeds to start an interview group that meets at least once every two weeks. I was planning to focus more on the MMI format used here at USask but open to look at the MPI format as used in Toronto as well. Feel free to PM if interested
  13. The hard part really depends on you experience, skill set and your supervisor. It is possible to become an RA after your first year if you try hard enough and if the supervisor is nice enough to take a chance on you. The pay rate may differ from university to university, and depends on your education level. A 3rd undergrad gets paid more than a 1st year but less than a 4th year. A lot of universities have a fixed "recommended " amount for each level that the supervisors stick to. You should be able to find the pay info on your university's website.
  14. I agree with the other posters for the most part. I still rewrite the lectures though because it makes me think about what was going on during class. I don't write it down word for word though, I try to write the concepts in my own words or structure the notes in a different way from the lectures. This helps keep me engaged while doing it and helps me understand the material because I tend to sometimes zone out in class. Writing notes also helps consolidate the extra stuff the prof adds during the lecture that is not necessarily in the ppt. And so far it has worked very well for me. I also 100% recommend quizlet as a study tool (As caramilk suggested). It is very helpful for pharmacology and biochem classes. It helps condense the most important bits of the class in a fun and engaging way.
  15. Hi! I decided to go for Honors because it seemed like a nice way to get the research reference nailed down. Also it means you can take two less classes in your senior year. If you do plan to apply elsewhere, I think there are some schools that require a 4 year honors degree (Western I think) so it definitely opens up your horizons. That said, I am not in med school (yet) most people I know who got into med school don't have honors, so take this with a grain of salt. Best of luck for your pursuits!
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