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    SA95 got a reaction from masterofnone in 2 Year Wgpa   
    Hello! I tried to email Queen's Admissions to get a clear and accurate response but however, they were unable to provide me with further clarification. I am hoping that I'll receive some clear answers here! 
    My question is: If I take additional courses (i.e Athabasca University) after the completion of my undergraduate degree, will the courses that I take count towards my 2 Year WGPA EVEN IF these courses are individual undergraduate courses that DO NOT count towards an additional degree or towards my completed degree? As long as these courses:
    - Fulfill the requirement for full-time study (3-5 courses per semester)
    - Completed between September to April
    I plan on taking additional courses according to these guidelines however, because there is no formal term structure to follow, I would plan on simply taking these courses according to the following format:
    - 3 to 5 courses between September to December 
    - 3 to 5 courses between January to April 
    I apologize if this question has been asked already! I was going through the forum and was unable to find the answer to this specific question.
    Thank you in advance! 
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    SA95 reacted to hollyjolly in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    Accepted to Hamilton Campus
    Timestamp: 10:58 am
    Total GPA: 3.30
    CARS: 130
    Casper: Felt pretty neutral.. I did lots of prep. Honestly felt kinda meh about it, I had felt better in previous years, but clearly it went well!
    Interview: Felt good, most of the questions felt like easy answers but again so hard to say. 
    Mostly posting this so you other low GPAs out there can see - kill the MCAT, kill Casper, and it can be done!!!!
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    SA95 reacted to tiel in Kaplan Mcat Online Course Plan Takeover   
    I've registered for MCAT course with KAPLAN, but will not be taking it as I already am attending a med school. If anyone wants to take over my plan at a much reduced cost, please send me an email at tlee5588@gmail.com.
    I know this post is not as relevant, so please let me know if it is inappropriate, but I'm not advertising for anything and this is a personal transfer.
    Thank you
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    SA95 got a reaction from sykern in Queen's 2018 Ama   
    Hello! I am currently a registered nurse and plan on taking a year off to work as a nurse, gain more experience and hopefully get involved in research, as well as take additional courses. I am wondering if Queen's has a certain perception (for lack of a better term) on nurses applying to medical school? 
    Also, are there any previous nurses in your class?  
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