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  1. Organic chem 1 labs aren't too difficult, you just have to follow lab instructions. I can't say much about of BIOL 2070 since I never took it but from what I have heard, it's time consuming. Many people recommend taking 2070 during summer but if you can't, i think you'll manage. One of my friends took plant bio, animals and biol 2070 in the same semester, so it's possible. ------------------------------- I'll write up a detailed post in the coming days for the courses I took during undergrad. Should be helpful I hope.
  2. I think hempstead is one of the more challenging profs in terms of midterms, if I remember correctly.
  3. Since the final is same for all questions the difficulty can't be compared to midterms since those are based on the prof teach the section. If you know how all the formulas work and understand the concepts you should be fine. Just do as many practice questions as you can.
  4. If you want to see.your GPA for med schools, just use the OMSAS scale. Let's say you have an A (8 on 9.0 GPA scale) on your grade report, OMSAS scale will convert that to a 3.8 on the 4.0 GPA scale. 3 and 4 credit courses count as 1 on OMSAS and 6 credits count as double So go on excel make one column your converted grades for each course (shown above) and a second column which corresponds to the credit value (1 or 2, depending on if they are full year or half year courses). In the third column multiply the first two columns. Now you just need to divide the sum of column 3 by the number of courses (=count funtion for column 1) and that will be you grade for med school.
  5. After I complete my undergrad, would I still be allowed to do research with a professor over the summer or would I have to be enrolled as a student? Anyone have experience with this. Thanks
  6. Both paluzzi and backx have good lectures but paluzzi's slides are so much easier to understand and study off. For both classes just listen to lecture and only write down stuff not mentioned on slides which won't be much. Basically everything is on the slides. For midterms/finals just memorize as much as you can since short answer require detailed answers. Labs are not that difficult to perform, just ask TA questions if ever stuck but the lab reports are probably harder than any other bio course. First report you do will most likely be not that good but it's not worth much and the TA should give a lot of feedback. Include everything the TA says in the correct format and make sure to have 10 references minimum to not lose easy marks. They are time consuming; mine took on average 8 hours to do. You can do them in a day when you get good at them but I wouldn't recommend it. 3070 i found easier than 3060. Both courses got bell curved/boosted, 3060 had the harder final and the class average for it was really bad. Paluzzi's test also have better wording and he gives the option to choose between questions you want to answer. I wish Paluzzi taught both courses. Animal Phys is difficult and I can see why it's not reccomended compared to other 3rd year options. I believe they are the hardest third year courses and harder than virology.
  7. Third year students debating taking animal phys should only take it if paluzzi is teaching. A+ is possible with other profs but their powerpoints are all over the place while paluzzi has some of the best slides in any course.
  8. anyone got tips for doing well in animal physio 1 and 2? Moreso for the lab reports. People told me to not take the course, but i ended up taking it since i found animals to be more fun and don't really like molecular bio that much.
  9. biomed is decent program although it's more restricted compared to just doing biology especially in your 3rd and 4th year. Typical first year, first semester(per week) will be 3 hours of math 1013 - calculus 1, 3 hours of biol 1001 + 3 hours of lab every 2 weeks - biology 1, 3 hours of psychology or physics (depending of which you take/like better as either fulfills degree requirements; both are full year course), 3 hours of EECS 1520 - computer use fundamentals and 3 hours of chem 1000 + 3 hours of lab every 2 weeks + 1 hour of tutorial every week - general chemistry 1. So per week you have around 15 hours of lecture + 1 hour tutorial and every other week you will have 6 hours of lab. You can take different course other than eecs 1520 too.
  10. psyc 2130 with Phillips is so bad. I dont know why people recommend it. She apparently made new tests last semester as her old ones from test banks and they were not easy. You basically had to read the textbook like 50 times to get a good mark. The lectures she gives are pretty useless as they do not correlate with textbook. ended with a 79 which feelsbadman.
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