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  1. Take upper level course on the same topic and get an A+ (lots of people do this) do not take if you dont think you can pull an ~A
  2. Hey I just read your post! I just finished finals I think I'm pretty stable now in terms of GPA I am thinking of a gap year this September but that could also be just be me being super anxious and wanting to pad my application a bit more Definitely applying to all Canadian schools I can manage, definitely have a better chance at Western schools... In terms of grades, I hit such a low point that I quit my job to focus more on school I spent ~5 hours everyday at public library, if i ran out of things to read or practice I searched for pdfs online to practice more (my MCAT strategy) one thing I regret is I barely socialized which is another reason a gap year sounds good too but I'm not sure....
  3. you and I obviously go to the same (annoying) school UofT?
  4. I think you dont need a 5th year, your gpa is fine! however only your MCAT will determine the rest Also, its not how many awards you got/things you did, but the significance of them or else theyll grill you at the interviews and you need some sort of leadership quality
  5. I wouldn't have even read the whole letter, I'd just stop at "admiss-", get up, get a cup of tea, go to a nice park, then read the rest of the letter wen im most relaxed. what a rewarding piece of paper, that tree would have died for an excellent occasion (lmao)
  6. well congrats i take it back then, I'd be a little more pissed off if I had scored bad on the mcat (which i thought i would... sounds like im bragging) even still my chances are dim do you mind if i ask you where you're attending now ?
  7. I dont think people know what you're talking about after"necessary to do so" you're completing a 4 year program in 3 years??
  8. i think maybe its your mcat that turned them off. Queens/Wester/Ottawa are MCAT heavy schools, thats why they almost avoid your gpa giving all those "recent 2 years" etc rules cuz that gpa is stellar match that with 515+ you'll be good
  9. Yes a 3.9 with an MCAT 508+/36+ definitely interview lets match that with years of shadowing and research and maybe volunteering = definitely accepted! Any school esp Canadian acceptance is never guaranteed interview might be guaranteed depending on the school
  10. I would I'd also be a miserable prune by the time my career is over but I'd enjoy my entire trip. Regardless of the pay you'd already be drowning in debt by the time you graduate, then the thought of your entire 20s gone plus the demanding beginnings of your career in your 30s, then once you're 40 you've made a formula of how to manage vacations and paying off your last bit of debt then closing in on your last decade or so and timely your career is over. This is not recognizing the need for family and interpersonal relationships one naturally develops so try figuring your life personally into the above (makeshift) timeline... much like bad friends and drugs in high school, its definitely not worth debating over; either you're fully in or dont do it to yourself!
  11. thanks, I heard about that, I don't know the specifics however but my mcat scores are as follows: Chem/Phys: 127 CARS: 131 Bio: 131 psych/Soc: 129 I took 27 1st year, + 9 in summer - failed total 9 cred winter/summer I took 27 2nd year, + 6 in summer - bad fall sem, As in second sem + summer Taking 30 cred this (3rd) year, no less than As so far What are some schools that would prefer my latter 2 years instead of my first, im sure i can keep up my current GPA
  12. I want to apply to MD schools but i've had an abysmal first 2 years of college and I'm currently in my winter term of 3rd year GPA 1st year: 1.98 (F, Fsummer, 2D+s, Cs, 2Bs) GPA 2nd year: 2.75 (Cs and Ds, As in 2nd term) GPA 3rd year: 3.9 (?) ive had all As so far and 1 A+ MCAT: 518 (best: OrgChem&CriticalAn, worst: Phys/Math) ECs: Im doing 1st year of research (research component) I worked a part time job (first 2 years) I'm trying to get my book published (nonfiction/social-political, this process costs looots of $$$) I volunteered at hospital 3 years I volunteer with my church, public library, teach english etc in my community I've run a health blog for 5 years now (mostly mental, I make a lil cash from it too here and there) I speak 4 languages outside english fluently (? is this even an ec) I'm almost positive I have to do either a post-bacc or a Master's but even then are my chances too dim? Do I need more ECs? Another Bachelor degree? I have retook some of the courses should I retake all? Reasons for my failure is 2015 was a horrible year for me and my family, but I take full responsibility for not dropping those courses Thank you for your time!
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