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  1. Hello, I'm having troubling meeting the DO school requirement of a " letter of recommendation from a practicing physician (DO or MD)". I asked a doctor I shadowed for only a day, but he declined to write the letter citing he didn't know me too well. Also, as you all know, it's very difficult to shadow a doctor in Canada, so I'm not sure if I can shadow someone for the couple of days needed to get a letter. So I'm wondering, what is the best way for me to secure this type of letter?
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    French Stream Applicants

    ^Hi cowsgomoo, what did admissions tell you? I'm in a similar situation where I have 2 P/F credits in 1 semester, but I have 10 credits of regular class and a full time summer semester as well in the same year. Thanks!
  3. Hi all, so my situation is as follows: cGPA 3.95 for past 3 years since im a 4th year undergrad 512 MCAT with (131,124,129,128) sections are listed in order they appear so 124 is the CARS. I've heard of people getting USMD interviews with scores like 12/7/14 on the old MCAT, just don't know how a 124 in the new MCAT is viewed. decent to average EC's like hospital volunteering, basic research, tutoring etc... Just wondering if I stand a good chance at an interview for USMD even if its a low tier school. Would appreciate any feedback. Also I'm thinking of applying with my score and rewriting the mcat AFTER submitting the AMCAS application to be competitive to Canadian schools. Thoughts on that? Also if my score improves (which I hope to do so especially in the CARS section, can I update the us med schools on my better score?) Thanks again!
  4. In a similar situation with a 512 MCAT with 124 in CARS. I've been told a red flag isn't that bad as long as the rest of the application is good like a high GPA (3.8+) and good EC's. Still a bit lost on the situation as OP is and would love more info.
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    Invitation Emails

    Still waiting....
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    Full Course Load Problem

    On my transcript for the fall term it shows the 5 courses I took, along with their associated weights (0.5 each) and all of them have marks. The only thing is beside the 0.5 weight statistics course it says extra, and the total credit earned for the semester is 2.0 as opposed to 2.5 since my school wont let me use the half year statistics towards my degree because I already took a 1.0 needed for my other major. The course is there, it has a weight, name and mark. Only difference is it says EXT beside it to represent its an extra credit that the university acknowledges I took, and accepts it for my major, but not towards the 20 credits I need to graduate (which isn't a problem since I will have more than that anyways).
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    Full Course Load Problem

    futuremdbaby you bet ya! bambi gave an interesting response, I guess I should be good based on that
  8. Hi, I have a full course load problem as the title suggests Since I'm doing a double major, my school forced me to take a 0.5 (1 semester) statistics course, and a 1.0 (2 semester or full year) statistics course for my other major. I had asked them if I could make due with only the longer one, but they said I have to take both. Since both are basic statistics courses and the content somewhat overlaps, the two courses are in exclusion and therefore I was only awarded the 1.0 credit for the longer course and not for the shorter one. I took both courses last year from sept to april. My question is, does this mean I don't have a full course load for last year and only have 4.5 credits? Or will medical schools still consider me to have taken a full course load because I still technically did 5 credits, just 0.5 doesn't count toward my degree at my school. I still put the course down in OMSAS. Please advise. Thanks!