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  1. From what I remember, all the e-mails I got from UBC in the two years I was part of the admissions process it is usually later in the week (Thursday or Friday), so try to stay calm until at least then... I've heard they take the lowest end also, and that was what I used to calculate my UBC GPA, but I do feel like they have to take into account each school's grading scale. I also found this on the UBC website, although it isn't perfect it can maybe give you a ballpark area of where you might be at!
  2. UBC is very very secretive about how they weigh out everything, so even after decisions are made there most likely won't be any information on cut-off, weight of different things etc., even being in the program now I have no idea how it works! All I know is that the CASPer is being used to help get a better sense of who you are before the interviews!
  3. Current 1st year here: Last year we got our invites around 4pm actually, but do note that we found out about one week earlier than most years have, and the department just had their accreditation review process so the chances of them being delayed are probably pretty high because administration was busy doing all those interviews, etc! Don't forget to breathe!
  4. I've posted a few times in this already, but figure i'd use this format for future applicants! Applied + (PT or OT?): UBC, UofA, McMaster, UofT, Western and Queens. Accepted: UBC, McMaster, WesternWaitlisted: Queens Rejected: U of T and U of A (declined interview invite) GPA: cGPA 3.75 sGPA 3.86 UBC 87%Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: Essays were pretty good I thought, mind you I went in to them thinking no one probably reads them, so I focused most of my attention elsewhere. My UBC interview went well! I remember 7 of the 9 stations going quite well, and 2 of the stations being quite rough, but I also think that I was able to talk my way through them! McMaster's interview was rough! I definitely did not like the computer based interview and I am so glad I don't have to do that again. References were good, both professors I had taken multiple courses with, and had helped with research as well as TA'd for one of their courses. This was my second year applying and I am thrilled with how this application cycle went for me, congratulations to everyone who did end up getting in! I have accepted UBC, and will be going there in the fall, mainly because I am from BC. If you didn't get the good news today or this application cycle - I know what you're feeling, it sucks, a lot. It sucks knowing that you want this career so bad but a flawed application system is what stands between you and said career. You'll get there though. Take the year and improve every aspect of your application, travel a bit, and it will all work out!
  5. Got accepted to Western PT and MacMaster PT tonight, will be declining both though, because I got into UBC and will be attending there, should help the waitlist out a little bit. Congratulations to everyone getting in! If you're still waiting or didn't get the news you wanted, don't lose hope, this was my second year applying and after a year of straight rejections, things have started to work out!
  6. I got accepted with around the same average, so you definitely would have a shot next year.
  7. Hey everyone, I just created one! Maybe send me a message on here with your name and I will add you to it!
  8. I think they do! Last year I was placed on the OOP MMI waitlist, and they made sure to state that as soon as an OOP applicant denied their interview that the list would move. And this year it was the same, however I was offered an interview and ended up declining my invite because I had gotten in to another school already, their response when I declined stated that they would inform someone on the OOP waitlist. So I do believe there is an in province pool, and out of province pool!
  9. I just got my acceptance as well (Northern and Rural)! Can't wait for September!
  10. Congrats! Were you in province or OOP? And what was your GPA if you don’t mind me asking?
  11. Hello PT2B, Are you an in province applicant or OOP? I am in province and last year I found myself in the same boat, I thought I was set for an interview but didn't get one, I am sorry that you're going through it now, I know that it doesn't feel too great Sometimes it just seems like luck whether you get an interview or not. But don't give up. I spent the year getting more volunteer experience, and trying my best to boost my GPA. A gap year isn't the worst thing. I thought it was at first, but turned out to be the best thing for me. Hope this helps a little bit.
  12. Great idea, I am from the Surrey area but have no problem travelling to Vancouver to practice!
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