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  1. That is quite the GPA. I would highly suggest law school at this time. My sincere condolences.
  2. Amichel, Please let me in on your own opinion of Birdy's parenting.
  3. How was I trolling ? If you disagree then that's your own opinion.
  4. I have 4 first author publications and 1 second author publication in Anatomical Sciences. Did I jeopardize my application ?
  5. You should devote more time to properly raising your children if they are "completely unfunctional" in school. Just saying, you sound like a bad mother. You had children young then applied to medical school, see your children struggling in school and choose to write blogs about it/becoming a doctor instead of properly spending time with your children. Wow.
  6. Why are half the med students writing blogs and whatnot during med school? I get irritated easily when having massive amounts of info to study. Then I like to relax afterwards/chill out. Are med students and doctors in general robots ??
  7. Are there people that do this? Getting the MD, finishing residency, etc., then MS.c for research interest? Then practicing medicine would follow.
  8. Academia and medicine are two very different things. If research/learning is your thing and you have the time and patience, go for academia. It will barely help you for med admissions though, but I'd say it's a very rewarding experience. You can get into med fine with your gpa. Just be patient and persistent.
  9. What's the average (mean/median) age of the average person accepted into medical schools? Approximately?
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