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  1. I also did engineering at UW and now am in my second year of med at Western. Definitely not the easiest route to medicine, but definitely doable! Also, just to make you feel better, I decided I wanted to medicine at the of 3B... So you're definitely doing ok! 1) For sure! That's a great GPA, especially for engineering (as everyone has said). 2) If possible, I would try to get an extracurricular with a bit more of a leadership role and/or some research (research co-op definitely counts). Though don't knock yourself out too much, having varied work experience from co-op is valuable and you don't want to stretch yourself too thin. Also, if you don't have a lot of people around you applying to med school, try to read some books/listen to some podcasts/watch videos/etc. about the process and med school itself. That's something that really helped me! 3) It depends on your study style and what courses you've done, but I studied in the evenings over a co-op term and that was enough for me. That being said, one of my friends in engineering took a co-op term off to study for the MCAT. Really depends on what you think you'll need! In turns of extra courses, it probably depends a bit on the type of engineering and your electives whether. A number of med schools don't care about your courses, but for UofT and UOttawa they have more specific requirements. 4) Stick to whatever you're doing now! You've got a great GPA and good extracurriculars, and obviously are thinking and planning in advance. While engineering is directly helpful in the application process, it was definitely a great talking point in interviews, and gives you a unique mindset in medicine which I think can be quite valuable. Also, regarding co-op - depending on your stream and how your terms work out, you might end up having an "academic year" that only has one school term, which technically isn't counted a full course load. I had that, and it ended up being fine, but I ended up writing a decently long explanation on some of my apps to make sure they would take Waterloo's crazy co-op schedule in to consideration. All the best!!
  2. I studied for the MCAT out of engineering as well, and while I didn't take a course, I found Kaplan books really helpful because they started from the basics. I would recommend looking into what additional resources you get with each of the courses (videos, practice questions, modules, etc.), that might be really helpful for you to get a good foundation. P.S. While there is a lot to know for the MCAT for sure, I found that the engineering prepared me really well for the chem/phys, and generally the analytical mindset that is required. Good luck!
  3. Hi, I'm a current schulich med student. First off, congrats! I also got an unspecified offer, and ended up with my first choice (London). From what I know/remember, you have a very, very good chance of getting your top choice campus, they just can't officially guarantee it. You get priority for any spots opening up in your first choice campus above people on the waitlist, so it's very likely that a spot will open up where you want to it. When I was searching last year, I couldn't find anyone who didn't get their top choice from unspecified. It is kind of nerve wracking, because I don't believe they can tell you before you have to accept the offer, but I'd be pretty confident in saying you'll get the campus you want. Also, I don't believe it has anything to do with your GPA, it's just part of their offers system.
  4. I've been using the Surface Pro 3 for almost 3 years and I love the size and portability! It definitely could be smaller than you're used to, but I've found it's be fine for anything I've wanted to do (used it for finishing up undergrad and now will be bringing it med school in the fall)
  5. Does everyone tend to get black tubing? (Is it seen as unprofessional to have a colour?)
  6. I accepted an unspecified campus offer and just got offered London (yay!). So that means that the unspecified campus stuff should be all sorted
  7. That's all I got as well! I actually called Western as well (the school I was accepting) and as long as my acceptance was in by the 23rd, the rest is fine
  8. I've officially accepted an offer, after waiting until the last minute to hear back from Mac's waitlist. How long does it take for OMSAS to process the change and officially confirm? Thank you!
  9. I'm in the exact same situation, thank you rmorelan for the answer! Congrats, and maybe you see you in September one way or the other
  10. TIME STAMP: 4:08 pm EST (March 27) Result: Reject wGPA: 3.97 MCAT: Above cut off ECs: A number of relevant research and work experiences, 2 publications. Essays: Pretty good I thought Year: 4th engineering Geography: IP Disappointed, but glad to have finally heard back.
  11. What type of photo is best to bring in for the file? Right now I was thinking of using a relatively casual shot head and shoulders picture of myself, but I just want to make sure it's not supposed to be more formal!
  12. Result: Invite!! Time Stamp: 4:08 pm Interview Date: probably 1st weekend wGPA: 3.96 Year: 4th year BASc MCAT: 524 (132/131/132/129) ECs: decent I think? Geography: IP Can't wait to see some of you soon!
  13. Does anyone know how many people Western interviews for the 171 spots?
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