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  1. @SquirtleMD Is there supposed to be a specific Tuition Deposit request on SOLUS that shows up? Or do we just pay the deposit as an Unapplied Credit?
  2. Heey it’s linked on the website that’s linked in the acceptance email
  3. did the Reset Responses button on OMSAS appear at midnight for you guys?
  4. they just deleted their post...weird Edit: Nvm it's still there
  5. everyone who has the button interviewed at mac...but not everyone who interviewed at mac has the button...so far
  6. Agreed--it might be McMaster acceptances. Anyone have the button and not have a McMaster interview?
  7. anyone with 1 interview and the button below?
  8. Looking to prep with ppl in Markham/uptown. Feel free to msg me!
  9. Thanks DrHueyFreeman for the info! Just saw your post in the Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted thread. Did you end up getting interviews/accepted to anywhere else you applied?
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