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  1. Can 100% confirm this the U of A med fam is really wonderful (and the class of 2023 sure knows how to make a FANTASTIC video!)
  2. 1) 3 times. One year, I couldn't even submit an application I'd been working on because my MCAT was soo bad. I've been rejected by Calgary without an interview every time I applied. 2) 3.7, and highlights... rural kid, nursing in the ER, told stories about being outside and being at work. I have no research experience and no really interesting awards etc so I must have told some really good stories about hiking and resuscitating. (or the right person saw them). As for encouragement: DON'T TAKE IT PERSONALLY. It is so hard to put your heart and soul into an application, spend all that time waiting and then be rejected. I've experienced it and it took a long time for me to come to terms with the fact that it wasn't me not being good enough. The right person has to see your application at the right time for it to shine and it's mostly luck. KEEP APPLYING. Seriously. Keep applying. The years will pass anyway and if it is where you are meant to be you'll end up in medical school. It is a grind. You can do it. DEVELOP SOME REALLY GOOD COPING SKILLS AND GENUINELY CARE ABOUT YOURSELF. In the mean time, work on developing who you are as a person, focus on your self care and invest in your personal relationships because medical school takes a toll on your home life. And you want to be ready for when you get here. Good luck everyone
  3. The photo will haunt everything you do in medical school so ... dress sorta nicely lol. For mine I dressed casually.
  4. The application has information on what is considered rural. Last year it was something like living x number of years in a community that was at least 80km away from a city larger than 10,000 people.
  5. I put one of my jobs in both employment and leadership. I have aspects of my job that require team leadership so I wrote an entry on the specific tasks I do that require it and put it under leadership. Under employment I more generally described my job.
  6. First of all OP the feelings you have right now WE HAVE ALL BEEN THERE. It is normal and it's ok to feel some uncertainty towards the future. That being said I get it, it's so hard. I felt very similar to how I imagine you feel now. I tailored my whole degree to medicine When I graduated from nursing and wasn't quite ready for medicine yet I applied to..... 123 nursing positions. And two hospitals called me back. And only one offered me a job. I spent 4 years with health related volunteering and work experiences and worked so hard in school to only get two interviews and one job offer out of 123. It was so stressful and it made me feel like if nursing didn't want me medicine never would either. Now looking back if I had taken any other job than the one I was handed by the universe I would have been unhappy, and I never would have been accepted into medicine! (I got in to U of A this year!) I went to work in a busy emergency department in a line that no one else wanted (for good reason it was so hard to work it) but I gained so much life experience and perspective. I was also rejected from med school twice. So..... those feelings of not being good enough and what happens if I don't get in... I've been there too. I was worried about what my nursing family would think and if they would see me as a bad nurse for trying for medicine and if i didnt get in would they laugh and judge me? They didn't. A lot of them actually started sharing with me their career goals and fears about moving forward so I got to make some really awesome connections. I get through the anxiety I feel by making an effort to be honest with myself about what I'm not strong at (and working to fix it) but also being honest about how amazing I am at other things and balancing my self talk. Additionally, I focus on the end goal of my life, which isn't medicine. It's actually about how i want to move through life and what experiences and personal traits I want to develop and that reminds me that medicine isn't my whole life and wether I got in or not it doesn't define my worth as a person. And it won't define you either. You're more than your application stats. And you'll get there one day. I did and my stats were sub par for sure. Good luck. You can pm me if you ever want to just talk about lif.
  7. I got an email about a week later with mine
  8. It depends! If you feel confident with the rest of your application then you may not need to. Also do you think you'll do better if you rewrite and is it worth putting yourself through that stress again? I'm a non trad and had a 504 (124/129/123/128). I took a prep course, rewrote and got a 502 (125/127/125/125). I was accepted to u of a this year with my 502. I was sure I would have to rewrite with both of those scores and I was prepping for a third write when I found out I was accepted. If you were invited for interview they see something in you already! That being said I may be totally off base with what Calgary really wants because they rejected me pre interview twice.... so.....
  9. In Edmonton I got my criminal record check done within an hour at: 14315 118 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5L 4S6 They were super fast! The place is kind of by the telus world of science. When I lived in a small town it took 3 weeks one time doing from our local RCMP detachment, so there can be a big variety in timing depending where you go. As for immunizations I'm getting mine done at the university health center and it will take me a month (due to scheduling of the test/reading the test conflicting with work) but I also already have everything but the mantoux done due to already working in health care.
  10. I used to live in the Sir John Franklin Apartments (just across from the Telus building). The rent was really expensive, parking was 100$/month and they shut off the water.... a lot... BUT it was so nice to be that close. It was definitely doable with room mates
  11. Result: Accepted (IP) GPA: 3.72 MCAT: 125/127/125/125 (502) EC: Nursing for the past 3 years in critical care and ER, volunteering 4h/week with a community mental health agency, student group President, scholarship to go to the US and learn about addictions treatment there, soccer, no research MMI: this was my very first interview anywhere and I was so nervous but I had a really good group and we made each other laugh and at the end I felt very comfortable with how I did. My panel interview went well for me and I think I had 2 stations that really did not go well for me. This was my first time applying to U of A!!! I was rejected pre interview from U of C. I'm so excited to join the incoming class!
  12. This was my first time interviewing anywhere and it was a little easier than what I had been anxiously anticipating in my mind haha but some of the questions were more challenging for me and those I'm feeling uncertain about. I found my panel interview went the best and the people I had were engaged in what I was saying at least so who knows if they were being polite or actually interested haha. Good luck to everyone! At least this part of the stressful process is over.
  13. I got an interview this year at the U of A (although not with Calgary) with a Nursing GPA of 3.7 and an MCAT of 502. YOU CAN DO IT. You should definitely apply. This was the second time I took the MCAT and I actually did worse the second time. I initially had a 504. All you can do is strive to be the best version of yourself, work on projects that interest you, genuinely care about your community and hope for the best. Don't let other people's stats get you down. You got this.
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