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  1. Hey all, is standard first aid and CPR level C what I need to get for U of T? I'm planning on getting it before I travel soon.
  2. Can anyone confirm whether we have to maintain a 3.0 in every course that we are taking this year? I may not be able to make a B in one of my courses
  3. Do we get a confirmation on whether they received the acceptance slip and deposit?
  4. Hey guys, I wrote the CASPer test back in August and submitted to UBC but on the UBC online application it says they haven't received it yet. Is it normal for it to take this long to be processed?
  5. I wrote the DAT in February 2017 and when I signed up for it I indicated that I wanted the transcripts to be sent to 5 schools. I didn't apply last cycle so do I need to resend the DAT transcripts to schools for this cycle?
  6. Hey all, my permanent residency card expired and the new one won't be coming until next year. Are there other ways to prove my permanent resident status to schools other than the PR card? They already told me that they won't accept the expired card. Any help would be great!
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