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  1. Hey thank you so much for all of this information! I hope you don't mind me asking, but (if you went to a didactic school for undergrad) did you find the switch from didactic to self-learning difficult? One of my biggest worries is not having a 'standardized' database to learn from, which, as you mentioned in the post, may lead to not learning some key concepts that may be necessary. What happens during the 6 hours (or some other minimal amount) of lecture time that we get a week? In addition, I was hoping you could clarify your comments on Anatomy and Pharmacology. By lottery, do you mean that only a handful of students will get to work on a cadaver at any given time, or only a handful of students will have the opportunity to work on a cadaver (i.e. is everyone eventually able to work with a cadaver or do some simply have bad luck and never work with one?) Again, thank you so much for the insight, I really appreciate it <3
  2. hey, sorry im late but hope this AMA is still going strong! I had a question about the self-learning curriculum at mac, do they provide material to learn from or are we expected to find our own resources? I'm scared I will be a little lost as I've typically learned didactically (where everyone in the class learns from the same base material). Any additional information about the self-learning would be much appreciated!!
  3. ACCEPTED (Hamilton) Timestamp - 8:28AM cGPA - 3.97 CARS - 129 Interview - thought it went amazing, MMI was really much better for me than panel and interviewers mostly responded warmly IP, 4th year UG ayy lmao hella hype
  4. mans still waiting??? i resonate with that gif so much Beeckusu
  5. waitlist (how do i know if its good or bad?) timestamp - 7:37AM (EST) GPA - 3.97 Stream - English Geography - IP (Ontario) EC - minimal, random lab experience and student council Current year - 4th year UG Interview - wasn't anything special, first one so was hard to gauge myself! any info on how waitlisting works and what the odds are? congrats to everyone who got accepted
  6. Just going to play the devil's advocate here - do you not think that combatting aging will contribute to decreased mortality rates, leading to overpopulation and thus (once again) an increased burden on the healthcare system? Aging is definitely one of the biggest determinants of disease, but one must consider that this process is essential to ensure continued progress of our society and humanity as a whole. Sure the ability to slow, or even reverse, aging would be great for the immediate future (with decrease mortality leading to increased productivity in pretty much every country), but one has to consider the long term consequences - an increased population size with the inability to age will most probably lead to exponential increases in population size over generations, as none of the old generations will be removed from the population. This leads to increased burdens of non-aging related diseases (such as purely genetic diseases, environmental diseases, nutritional diseases, etc.) on the healthcare system due to an increased volume of patients it must deal with.
  7. little late on this train but lets link up!!
  8. Time Stamp: 9:13AM (why does this matter?) Invite: yeeeee GPA: 3.97 Casper: left some questions half-answered but basically just spewed what i felt would have been appropriate to do in the various situations CARS: 129 IP 4th year UG
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