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  1. If you aren't able to take classes, I would strongly recommend looking up educational videos on Youtube (Khan Academy especially, though you can google videos for the concepts you need to learn). The MCAT covers 1st/2nd year sciences, so many educators or students create informational videos on these topics which you can access if the MCAT books aren't helpful enough. What's useful about this is that: 1) It's free, 2) At your own pace and 3) allows you to see how you should 'think' about the science material. My only advice with this method would be that you HAVE to supplement with MCAT questions to learn how to apply the information you've learned. You should be able to re-call the info on the videos without prompting (ie. don't just passively watch & think you know something because you get the 'gist' of it each time you see a term pop up... learn to recall completely with absolutely no help). I practiced by purchasing the AAMC online question packs, which even simulated the real MCAT exam. Practice makes perfect -- and remember: you're studying for the MCAT, not 'general sciences'. There is a big difference, so make sure to learn the test too!
  2. Thanks Borborygmi for letting me know! Kensington looks like the area that's most familiar to me (I'm an Annex kid at heart) and it's still fairly close to campus. If you don't mind me asking, do you have any tips on finding properties in the area? Rentfaster & Kijiji have properties, but I don't know if I should pounce on them or wait for better properties to open nearer to June. I'm also wondering if any upper-years are planning to post their properties to FB or not. And thanks sjc2 and MSWschnoodle! I am thinking of starting off the year without a car and seeing how it goes. I'd like to save the expense for as long as I can, but if I really need it for first year I'll probably consider. The harsh winters might make me quickly reconsider... And I'll definitely be getting a car for clerkship.
  3. Thanks for the info, sjc2! I'm just wondering if most people live close to the university. I'm moving from downtown Toronto and am leaning more towards a trendy neighbourhood like Kensington/Hillhurst (near Sunnyside Station) -- but I've also heard that living in Foothills Village is a great way to make friends with other med students. Do people who live away from Foothills Village find it a bit isolating, or does it even matter? I wouldn't have a car during first year, and would likely take the bus to school.
  4. I think the two are very different. By the sounds of it, UManitoba's is a way to normalize/correct for disparities for ALL applicants who opt-in. I know that Calgary's Alternative Admissions program is only for about 2-3 students that they think would make uniquely contribute to the program: this can mean almost anything for any reason (ie. it's not simply an affirmative action mandate, as much as finding the 'diamonds in the rough' who might, for whatever reason, fall under the cut-off for admission.) While any student can be selected to be admitted through UofC's process, it is not an optional 'index' that can be applied to all applicants -- as UManitoba's seems to be. What I also like about Calgary's process is that they don't disclose who gets in this way, and who does not, so that way no one gets singled out for either praise or criticism. Seems like a good idea to me. Your story sounds incredible, and I'm sure that your experiences will aid you in becoming a fantastic physician. Alternative admission, or not, try not to worry if you fit into a certain box. Be proud of your interview -- and good luck!! I hope we can both be offered a spot in UCalgary together next year!
  5. It's so hard to wait until the end of the application cycle to hear back from U of T!
  6. U of T explicitly states this on their website, under the "Graduate Applicants" section of the academic requirements section. They are pretty clear about this.
  7. After looking at the UofT Interview Discussion 2016 page, it would seem that there's likely to be only one more wave. Anything after that will likely be rejections, or random invites emailed individually. But by the end of this week, I think we'd have passed the bulk of it... That said, I predict a wave by Thursday of this week followed by a tonne of rejects, and the occasional invite.
  8. Thank you HiHopes! This helps quite a bit. I'd still be interested in hearing people's thoughts re: clerkship, if they are willing to share.
  9. I have a few questions for current & past University of Calgary students. Thank you so much for your thoughts!! 1) How did you find your 3rd year/clerkship experience? I've heard it's particularly gruelling because it's quite packed-in. How much time do you have off, and do you feel as if your experiences trained you well for residency? 2) For those who have graduated from U of C Med and are in your residency, were you able to match to where you wanted to go/what program? I know CaRMS is a mixed bag, but does Calgary Med fair well in terms of selection? 3) I saw a stat on the Cumming School of Medicine website about Calgary Med undergrads fairing better than the national average in residency -- is this largely the case? Would it be wrong to say that Calgary trains strong clinicians?
  10. At this point, having gotten no word, I'm going to go just check my email every night before bed (rather than constantly check throughout the day). It's exhausting and unproductive to wait. I know that my file will eventually be reviewed, and having known a few students who got accepted with last-minute interview invites, there's no point in getting so wrapped up in the wait...
  11. I think there are still a lot to send out. Does the file review portion correlate to the time your application was submitted (ie. first applications received on OMSAS get reviewed first, last applications received for the last batch) or is actually random? I submitted my application near the deadline, so I'm wondering if it will be reviewed in the last-batch.
  12. Does anyone roughly know the distribution of wGPA's for interviews? It's obvious that U of T selects for higher wGPA, but I'm curious to know if anyone has more info on applicants who interview with a wGPA < 3.9.
  13. I know that U of T website says that 3.8 is 'competitive'. Can we deduce that this is the cut-off? And is it for wGPA or for GPA before the weighting? Anyone know?
  14. Keep in mind that 2015 invites went out ~10am. They might not be sent out today.
  15. I also strongly disagree with this statement, as I would argue that UCalgary has largely substantiated this. In the admissions podcast this year, Dr. Walker presented correlative analyses of each MCAT section with medical school grades, and VB/CARS was the only one that was fairly predictive of upper-year marks & clinical grading -- interestingly, the science sections weren't.
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