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    NeedACar got a reaction from whyKD in Others Planning to Writw USMLE Class 2020   
    I've had a few people also reach out to me through message, so maybe closer to O-week I'll make a FB group (if everyone has/uses fb) just so we know who's interested?
    Very glad to see others are going to be taking this on!
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    NeedACar got a reaction from 011235813 in Others Planning to Writw USMLE Class 2020   
    I've had a few people also reach out to me through message, so maybe closer to O-week I'll make a FB group (if everyone has/uses fb) just so we know who's interested?
    Very glad to see others are going to be taking this on!
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    NeedACar got a reaction from 011235813 in Others Planning to Writw USMLE Class 2020   
    I'm an incoming class of 2020 student, and I'm hoping to connect with other people in my class/or at Mac who are planning to write USMLE. Just looking for motivation/planning/logistics of sharing resources etc. 
    I have access to many of the USMLE prep resources Sketchy/FA/Kaplan, that I'd be happy to share.
    Let me know if you're planning on doing the same!
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    NeedACar reacted to DrNietzsche in Mcmaster Deposit Information   
    Nope!! Not here either, I heard it will go out at the beginning of June
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    NeedACar reacted to Edict in Studying Over The Summer Before Year 1?   
    I recommend getting a copy of Gray's Anatomy for Students or Netter's Anatomy and reading through that. Anatomy is an important foundational tool because it is the basis for which you can use to think about medicine. Clinically relevant anatomy is very important as well. Knowing referred pain, dermatomes, myotomes and acronyms like NAVEL, where you can feel your pulses, where are your anatomical landmarks like ASIS and your vertebrae i.e. C1-S4/coccyx.  
    A lot of clinical medicine is first principles and anatomy is very good for that. 
    The other thing I would recommend is reviewing basic physiology. Important physiology that isn't covered well at McMaster includes muscle and exercise physiology and neurophysiology. Know your parasympathetic, sympathetic, somatic nerve systems and know your action potential, bouton, receptors etc. If you have the time look at cardiac and respiratory physiology and also renal and GI physiology. A lot of what you learn and are expected to know in medical school is how to keep a patient alive. They won't expect you to know how to treat their specialized complex conditions, but they do expect you to recognize when a patient needs help, so the acute conditions like MIs, Stroke, DKA, Meningitis, Sepsis, Shock, ARDS etc. and having a good differential for abdo pain and chest pain are important. Also knowing your chronic common conditions well like Diabetes, HF, COPD etc, but all this you will learn in medical school for sure so none of this is necessary for you to learn right now. 
    Lastly, go over pharmacology if you have time, it is a topic not covered well at McMaster. With that being said, pharmacology itself is a topic often learnt on the wards. You don't need to know which drug is necessarily used where, it is better to learn the mechanism of action of different drugs. Especially important are: B-blockers, ACE inhibitors, NSAIDs, Opioids, Sympathomimetics/Parasympathetic drugs and their antagonists. That serves as a good foundation. 
    You will hear people tell you to enjoy your summer. I agree with that fullheartedly, but I agree that it is valuable to do some reading as well, especially if you are going to a 3 year school, so spreading out your workload a bit helps. 
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    NeedACar reacted to yungmd37 in Good Luck To All Applicants! (& Last Minute Ama)   
    hey, sorry im late but hope this AMA is still going strong! I had a question about the self-learning curriculum at mac, do they provide material to learn from or are we expected to find our own resources? I'm scared I will be a little lost as I've typically learned didactically (where everyone in the class learns from the same base material). Any additional information about the self-learning would be much appreciated!!
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    NeedACar reacted to big dreamer in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    Today is really the best day ever!!



    Result: Accepted to London campus 

    Timestamp: 12:06 pm 

    wGPA: 3.98

    MCAT: 518

    ECs: no hospital volunteering, research, long term community work, lots of school clubs

    Essays: worked on them for about 5 weeks, were very well done.

    Interview: Thought I did very well, was a really good experience

    Year: 4th year UG

    Geography: IP


    will most likely turn this down for Toronto.... good luck to those on the waitlist.

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    NeedACar got a reaction from sykern in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    Hamilton Campus

    Timestamp: 8:28

    GPA: 3.95

    VR: 129

    IP - 4th year

    Interview: It went amazing



    Literally shaking so hard right now I can barely text my family

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    NeedACar reacted to applicant111 in Post Interview Discussion   
    In your profile picture, the puppies represent pm101 posters, and the human represents schulich.The sign is clear - we're all getting accepted.
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    NeedACar reacted to rmorelan in Subject Lines For May 9   
    depends on the school - some are more open in the subject than others. Western for my year (it may have changed) said Good news from Schulich. That was nice to hear ha
    Others are more neutral and you have to open the email. 
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    NeedACar got a reaction from sykern in Post-Interview Talks   
    I have my last exam tomorrow and then I'm moving out. But after that it'll be sitting at home for 10 days.
    My SO is going out of the country on a family vacation until the 9th, so it's going to be a lonely stressful couple of days haha.
    Hoping for good things for you! 
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    NeedACar got a reaction from sna in System Unavailable?   
    Haven't recieved one either, but logged back into the system which still has me confirmed for the date/time chosen.
    They said 30 min - 1 hour... apparently two and a half hours falls somewhere between that...
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    NeedACar reacted to sykern in Queens Interview Invites/regrets 2017   
    I am shocked. Didn't think I'd get any Canadian love at all.
    Time Stamp: 15:57
    2 Yr GPA - 3.87
    MCAT: 128/126/130/129 but I'm not sure if they used my last Mcat where my cars was 127.
    EC: non trad applicant working in healthcare. I've been a guest speaker at a few conferences for mental health, have a few abstract pubs, and just genuinely tried to sound like a human being on my ABS. PM if you want details.
    Honestly don't give up. I was down and out last year and thought I'd have to go south of the border. I still might, but damn.. what an opportunity.
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    NeedACar got a reaction from sykern in Queens Interview Invites/regrets 2017   
    Result: Invite
    Time Stamp: 3.55
    Interview Date: ??
    wGPA: 3.95-4.0
    Year: 4th
    MCAT: 130/129/129/129
    ECs: Typical, research heavy
    Geography: IP, Queen's undergrad
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    NeedACar reacted to Tetragrammaton in Western Interview Invites/regrets 2017   
    Time Stamp: 10:55 AM
    Invite: Yes
    IP/OOP: IP
    SWOMEN: Yes
    2YGPA: 3.90
    MCAT: 14/10/14 PS/VR/BS
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    NeedACar got a reaction from AAAmeds in Invitation Emails   
    Got my interview invite. 
    GPA: 3.95
    MCAT: 517
    Queen's Undergrad, IP
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    NeedACar reacted to FiftyshadesofMD in We Are Governed By An Internal Policy Which Does Not Allow Us To Provide Feedback On Your Application.   
    Thank you everyone who took your time reading this and spending time writing back. Just so everyone knows, I contacted the admissions office and the lady was kind enough to let me know that wGPA is combined with Casper scores and would be given a single score, named as academic excellence. Even though I had a perfect GPA, my performance on Casper has been sufficiently awful to ruin my entire application. 
    Just a heads up for other potential applicants, seems like Casper is weighed as much as wGPA is, if not more than that ! 
    Thanks again for all the support and suggestions. 
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    NeedACar got a reaction from gunneriloveottawa in Interviews 2017 Invite/reject   
    INVITE! Woo
    Date Stamp: Jan 24th 2017 3:49pm
    Location: IP
    Stream: English
    wGPA: 3.93ish? Didn't calculate Either
    Current year: 4tg year
    ECs: average/research heavy
    Casper: thought it went well
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    NeedACar reacted to rural_roots in Interview Invites 2017   
    Timestamp: 9:33 am
    Interview: Yes
    GPA: 3.75 + .2 Masters = 3.95
    Context: (born and raised rural southern ontario, 6 years in Thunder Bay, 2 years in Temiskaming Shores)
    ECs: Lots of travel, varied work experience, outdoorsy things, organic farming, campus first response, wilderness first aid, hospital/community health/aboriginal health/family health volunteering. Shadowed 2 NOSM preceptor family physicians at a family health team in rural North Eastern Ontario for the past three years, as well as worked on several community preventative medicine projects as a volunteer with the health team.  Also worked with a local Aboriginal Organization on a community kitchen project.  Experience working in traditional healing settings with residential school survivors.
    Non-trad?:  Oh yeah.  
    # of previous applications: 4
    Interview Location/Date/Time: Sudbury, Saturday April 1st @ 1:15 pm.
    Let's do this.
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