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  1. If those classes are part of your basis of admission degree and you have NOT yet graduated, then they will count for both prereq GPA and pre-interview. If you have completed your degree, then these courses will solely be used for post-MMI purposes.
  2. same here with finals, let's link up after anytime! Good luck
  3. Congrats! Shoot me a message. Would love to meet you in August when we start!
  4. Little late, but was overwhelmed with the joy and excitment during the day. Result: ADMITTED WITH CONDITION Sci GPA: approx 3.60 --> after retaking several courses. 6th application, 3rd interview - DO NOT GIVE UP.
  5. Please dont call it will slow the process, let them work.
  6. if your science GPA was 3.10 and you were WL, that's pretty good MMI performance ... congrats on the WL
  7. Stil further review but I heard of acceptances coming out as well.
  8. OK but is it even coming out today? ... so silent
  9. I think what Bambi is trying to say (and correct me if I'm wrong), is that this a long arduous process for some. I have applied 6 times to medicine at McGill and have received 3 interviews (including this cycle). After each rejection (pre MMI or post MMI), I have constantly tried to improve my application each cycle (whether that's completing more undergrads/education, retaking classes such as basic sciences, improving and reflecting on myself). It's okay to feel sad and discouraged, but don't let this feeling make you feel like you cannot become a physician. It's much easier said than done but I encourage you to take some time to go through your emotions, get back up and continue persevering if this is what you truly believe you want to do. Should you need to complete an undergraduate degree (if the French schools don't work out this cycle), then I encourage you to reflect a lot and do things you love and are passionate about. From experience, McGill seems to appreciate and invite students with a holistic applications /well-rounded. Although my grades weren't super competitive, my Casper and CV have significantly helped me get to interview stage in recent years. I wish you all the best of luck in your French interviews!
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