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  1. dreamteam22

    5th Year WGPA

    You probably won't be given an answer (as to whether they have applied any accommodations w.r.t GPA), but they do take special circumstances into consideration as part of their pre-screening from what I have heard. For sure though, e-mail them to ask about your specific situation GreedyGod!
  2. dreamteam22

    5th Year WGPA

    I'm pretty sure that if someone has legitimate reasons for taking less than a full course load or reasons behind taking 5 years to complete a degree, they can mention it in the Academic Explanations Essay, after which the Committee can decide whether or not to apply wGPA accordingly.
  3. dreamteam22

    Opting out of Turnitin

    they check these just for the essays or your activities essays too ?
  4. dreamteam22

    Academic Explanation Essays

    Academic exp. essays are for candidates that have been through personal challenges (i.e. medical or other) that prevented them from performing as well as they could. If there was no event that caused you to have a lower GPA one term, then I'm not sure how you will be able to explain using examples. Not sure if I understood your question properly. I don't think fishing for an excuse to excuse one semester of lower grades is a good idea if there is no legitimate reason. The events don't have to be extremely traumatic but it should at least explain the difference in performance between a semester that shows your true capability vs. one that is not so representative. Hope this helps.
  5. So you're saying if someone says they want to be a GP, and does not mention much about research during the UofT med interview process, they won't be competitive? I would hope that the selection process doesn't discriminate applicants based on their interest in primary care. Would love to hear your insight on this please ! Thanks in advance
  6. dreamteam22

    Casper October 23rd

    I think you guys need to relax lol. Many students might have completed casper on the last day, so the Admissions Office most probably received your scores, but since they go through each application manually, they are most likely checking them to make sure nothing is missing before changing the status to Ready for Review.
  7. dreamteam22

    Mammalian Physiology Requisite Option 2?

    I'm not sure, but you can try e-mailing them. Although they might reply that the deadline to request for substitutions has passed, it's worth a shot
  8. dreamteam22


    It can be at any point in time at their discretion Jan-after the cycle is over.
  9. dreamteam22

    Incomplete Application email

    yes! (MCAT is optional, however - for those who have completed undergrad in Canada)
  10. dreamteam22

    October 14 Casper

    Yes. Mine also says RFR
  11. Hi, does anyone know if Queen's takes into account any extenuating circumstances or has any experience in submitting this letter to Queen's? Thank you
  12. dreamteam22

    Should I apply to McGill OOP MDCM?

    That can be part of the academic context review, along with the types of classes you took (ex. lower vs. upper level)
  13. dreamteam22

    omsas grades

    Thank you very much. How exciting.
  14. Hi, I noticed that some of my transcripts indicate "yes" to them having been verified. Do any of you know if we will get to see the cGPA or grades they enter manually so that we can verify whether the data was inputted without any errors? Thank you