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  1. I think 26th too, but I hope Friday !!
  2. Last year, if memory serves, the answers came out the day they stated.. they said "week of march 26"" and answers came out March 26 i think...
  3. They update answers manually I believe on Minerva first. Whatever the final decision is, it will be updated on Minerva, followed by an official e-mail around 10:07 pm. (yes, I know the drill all too well). Refresh minerva as soon as people start posting on premed101 about final decisions. There is no specific pattern of admit/WL/refuse decisions on minerva in terms of what time they come out... The only thing I've noticed is that acceptances come out as of around 8:30AM, whereas refusals and WL come out later in the morning. (that's just my experience/observation).
  4. Yes. 4 days before in 2017. I got my lovely refusal post-MMI.
  5. Another possibility: MDCM comes out Friday :O since dent is coming out probably wednesday (as per another post on DMD). I need to stop thinking about these possibilities.
  6. dreamteam22

    2nd Degree: Course load for eligibility

    45 new, and graded credits
  7. dreamteam22

    IMG program target date

    I notice on the website it says week of march 25th as well
  8. dreamteam22

    DMD mcgill

    I feel like if we're going to find out for MD earlier than the target date, then it probably will be Thursday or Friday this week. However, I doubt we'll know earlier for MD
  9. dreamteam22

    DMD mcgill

    This wednesday?!?! What does that mean for MDCM? You think we'll find out this week too?
  10. dreamteam22

    DMD mcgill

    Given that the target date for MDCM is "week of March 25th", if they decide to release the answers earlier, then it should be on March 22nd (Friday). However, if they don't then it might be released on 25, latest 26th (my guess).
  11. Maybe call again to verify
  12. basis of admission degree (the degree with the higher GPA) must be completed prior to july 31 deadline.
  13. dreamteam22

    2nd Degree: Course load for eligibility

    Your basis of admission degree must be completed prior to July 31st.
  14. They usually change minerva status in the AM for admit, refused, and WL. If we`re lucky we might find out on March 22 (friday) but more likely on 26th (tuesday). They change minerva status manually so I think it`s quite a lot of work to do MedP and ROQU on the SAME day lol. I am getting really scared as the date gets close and dreading a refusal lolol
  15. Their target date for MDCM admission offer is not March 25th, it's the "week of March 25th". However, the target date for medP invites is March 25th. Using that information, I'm guessing we might find out on the 26th. However, I may be wrong, and they can perhaps submit both answers on the same day. It's just a lot of work for them I think.
  16. My guess is that answers will come out on Tuesday, March 26th because the office of admissions is releasing medP invites on March 25th. (but who knows!) Good luck. This post's notification made my heart sink.
  17. dreamteam22

    Q&a With Mcgill Med Ambassadors

    They might have distributed the CV's to raters so they might not accept this document. They sometimes are lenient for things like POCR, workbook, etc. Email them for sure and ask if they can do it.
  18. dreamteam22

    French Language Proficiency

    I am pretty sure you can email admissions.med@mcgill.ca asking them your questions. Given that you're IMG, I'm assuming they might already be aware that some IMGs might not be fully proficient in French. They might consider it sufficient for you to enrol yourself in a French class once you're admitted to show them that you're learning the language and doing your part while completing TCP.
  19. They will probably weigh science GPA and MCAT 50/50 for you in the basic sciences evaluation (20% post MMI) since your MCAT is stronger than basic sci. It will most likely come down to how strongly you performed on MMI to boost your overall rank! (in junction with others' basic sciences / MMI ranks to know if you're one of the 79 admitted, of course). Having said that, it's hard for any of us to really judge how well we did on the MMI given that we don't know exactly what they're looking for and of course, how others performed overall.
  20. dreamteam22

    Post-interview impressions

    They are making sure the process was fair across all 4 days of MMI, between waves, across different groups on the same day in order to limit as many confounding variables that may have hindered any group's performance. This probably takes time... Moreover, they may meet to discuss if there are any issues or technicalities. The wait for us is tough, but I guess it's better they take their time and diligently assess us. If that means we have to wait a month, then so be it... (easier said than done? Most def).
  21. dreamteam22

    In province chances?

    Extenuating circumstances exists in order to explain for any life events that may have impacted your GPA. non degree undergrad courses can be considered in the 10% academic context criteria (out of the 70% gpa calculation) which may add richness to your GPA. Within the 10%, they look at progression of your grades and that is also factored in. It seems that you have done a great job at increasing your GPA. I wouldn't say it is unrealistic to receive an invitation to interview w/ a 3.59 GPA as IP if you have a strong Casper and CV score- from personal experience.
  22. dreamteam22

    March 25

    So now we wait for final decisions...
  23. Just to clarify: Basis of admission degree needs to be completed before July of the admission period. Hypothetical ex: Degree 1- 3.5 GPA Degree 2- 4.0 GPA and this degree is being completed by July of the cycle you are getting admitted, then they will use the strongest GPA as basis of admission. In this case, degree #2.
  24. great! was just curious... Looks like maybe nothing will come out today. Invites/rejections since UofT is closed d/t weather cond.
  25. Hey have you heard of anyone rejected or do you just think the ones that don't meet criteria are rejected first?