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    What Are My Chances?

    Hi all, I was hoping to get some opinions on my chances at US schools. Thanks in advance! About me: PhD candidate: a few publications (one first author), poster presentations at a few conferences, some scholarships/awards Grades: Undergrad GPA ~3.9-4.0; Grad GPA 4.0 MCAT (most recent): PS: 131 CARS: 126 BIO: 132: PSYCH/SOC: 130 TOTAL: 519 ECs: Leadership positions at a couple of undergrad clubs Volunteer in hospital and with children with special needs for 2 years Shadowing a GP for ~one year I'm going to apply to Canadian and US schools this year (2017-2018). I haven't taken english or physics, but my tentative plan is to take physics (and possibly english) right before matriculation, if I don't get any offers from Canadian schools by May. By when do US schools typically require their applicants to complete their required courses? Does not having these courses completed before submitting my application affect my chances at all?