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  1. I just got mine like half an hour ago!
  2. I was wondering this too! Maybe tomorrow?
  3. I would personally keep that score especially if Mac or U of T are your goal schools. You meet U of T's cutoffs and they only use the MCAT as a threshold so it doesn't matter, and that's a great CARS score for Mac. You also have a high GPA so as long as you do ok on CASPer I'm sure you'll get an interview there. Personal choice at the end of the day though!
  4. For Mac although you can, you need a letter from supervisor, supervisory committee or chair of department saying they’re aware that you’re applying to med school. Idk about your situation but they may not be happy about the idea of you leaving early! https://mdprogram.mcmaster.ca/md-program-admissions/how-to-apply/graduate-work
  5. Haven’t gotten mine yet, I live far from the GTA though
  6. Result: Accepted to St. George Timestamp: May 14th 9:41 AM EST wGPA: 3.92 MCAT: pretty much at cutoffs ECs: research (pubs that I'm particularly proud of), unique (I think) employment experiences with long term commitments, diverse volunteering but not as good as my employment Brief Personal Essays: some of the best writing I've ever done I think, had a mentor edit them who knows me and my work very well 
Interview: 2 were good, 1 was so awkward, one was ok Year: MSc completed, working full time Reference Letters: 2 would have been extremely strong, 1 is a wild card, possibly below average but not sure FOURTH time applying it can be done, this wait was so painful, good luck to everyone! Saw the offer on OMSAS before I got the e-mail
  7. Not an expert here, obviously, but sometimes I wonder if they do this on purpose, like are told to. I've also had interviewers (not at U of T mind you) that do weird things like interrupt me frequently or just say/do really odd things that I've never encountered in any non-med/non-school related interview. It just makes me wonder if things are staged sometimes. However, maybe some interviewers just have those styles. Either way I wouldn't read too much into it. Just from looking at the Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted thread it seems like while many people's interviews must have went the way they felt, there's also plenty of people who thought the interview was awful, but got in and plenty of the opposite as well. I feel it's so hard to say if your read on interviewers is accurate and/or real (but very hard to not obsessively analyze, I know). Personally I flip flop between "that was the best" and "ugh that was awful why did I say or not say a, b, c".
  8. I’ve actually done pretty well at pushing this out of my head and distracting myself up until now, but I’m finding it hard at this point. If the last Game of Thrones episodes could leak that would be great.
  9. I believe Ontario schools are always the second Tuesday of May, which just happens to fall later this year
  10. TIME STAMP: February 14th 3:50 PM Interview Date: Saturday March 2nd Result: Invite wGPA: 3.92 I think MCAT: met cutoffs ECs: a few pubs, presentations, some kind of cool employment experiences I think, somewhat of a theme in my activities I would say, no clubs Essays: worked on them for a couple of months, had one person review, they felt good Year: Masters Geography: IP I think one of my reference letters may have been bad or at least not great. Other 2 I am 99% sure would have been excellent. Just throwing that out there in case it helps someone.
  11. Just randomly logged into my OMSAS account, looked at the review page, and beside my e-mail there is a column titled status under which it says not verified... was I supposed to somehow verify my e-mail? I've been getting e-mails from OMSAS and schools that I applied to just fine so far
  12. Not while you're preparing your app. I called them and they told me once it's submitted the system will re-order activities chronologically.
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