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  1. Global academic assessment doesn't care about the specific degree you are doing. They just want to make sure that you are taking courses that are applicable to your degree and year. When I was in my third year, I took a first year wrestling course - easiest A+ of my life. HOWEVER, UofC did not think it was a very impressive A+ haha, if it had been a third year bio or chemistry class that was relevant to my degree, they would have been a lot more impressed. Or a third year business class if you are in business, etc.
  2. Seems like a good chance. It's all about how you wrote your top 10. However... did you not even try on the other sections? Haven't heard of someone not trying at all. Some people with low 120s in the other sections. As long as you meet their minimum requirements you stand a good shot at getting an interview.
  3. ThatCanadianGuy

    Graduating...Now what???

    From my understanding, they count it as one year towards your GPA.
  4. ThatCanadianGuy

    Graduating...Now what???

    Do a masters. It will increase your GPA and it will look better than just doing a 5th year. As long as you're IP you still have a shot at getting in this year. It's all about how you write your top 10.
  5. I got a youth pastor to write my letter of recommendation and it didn't stop me from getting in. I think people are generally pretty respectful about religious activities when grading your application.
  6. ThatCanadianGuy

    Application deadline

    I went to UofA for my undergrad so idk if it is different for me, but I had to pay for my application first (and fill out some stuff.. so the general application?), then wait a few days before I had access to the medical school application. So don't put it off till the last minute!
  7. ThatCanadianGuy

    U of C GPA

  8. ThatCanadianGuy

    LOR Question

    There isn't a lot of overlap between UofC and the others. I tried to get different people for each application. Even then, I had one guy write 3 reference letters for me!
  9. ThatCanadianGuy

    Advice on Proceeding After First Year

    If you want the highest chance of getting in, go to a territory for school. They do not have medical schools so the provinces open up to you. I would suggest taking year 2 at UofA then transferring over to the Yukon College and finish years 3 and 4. After you have been in the Yukon for 3 years, you become IP for 6 different schools, greatly increasing your chances of getting in. Here is a link to the transfer program at the Yukon College. https://www.yukoncollege.yk.ca/programs/northern-environmental-and-conservation-sciences
  10. ThatCanadianGuy

    Chances and LOR

    As for chances... Look at the average GPA each year and know that there are outliers in both directions. As for reference letters.. I would highly recommend getting different people from different organizations to write your letters for you. They do not need PhD's or MD's. I had a youth pastor, firefighter, and PhD student do my reference letters. You want the admissions committee to see all different aspects of your life and see that you are a well-rounded applicant. Also, you want a good relationships with your referees because the reference letters need specific examples which a random professor you had in the past won't be able to answer!
  11. I think it will be dropped, if your 6th year is full time. However, just give the office of admissions a call and they'll be able to tell you for sure!
  12. ThatCanadianGuy


    You probably won't get an interview, but it could be worth it just so you can see how they score your application. The whole application cycle is a good learning experience. The one annoying thing is having to get references and verifiers for everything! I dreaded having to go back to the same people every year to pester them to verify and referee for me again. Only apply if you spend enough time on your application, it's not something you can just do in one sitting!
  13. ThatCanadianGuy

    Worth a shot?

    Definitely apply. Your GPA, PhD and Masters will make up for your weaker MCAT. I interviewed last year with a 506 MCAT (127 CARS) but I don't have a masters or PhD!
  14. Go to the Yukon, you'll be IP for almost all of those places and more after 3 years.
  15. ThatCanadianGuy

    Previous application

    I only really changed 1 of my top 10 and I got in my second try. (I edited and changed little things in all of them).