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  1. Hello, I wanted to know about the program of sciences biomedicales in UdeM. How is the content of the classes? and how are the exams? is it interesting for someone who is interested in physiology? and is it more theory or labs? Thank you in advance.
  2. Bonjour, je voulais m'informer sur le programme de microbiology et immunology à l'UdeM. J'ai entendu dire que c'est du par coeur et que les examens sont à choix multiple, est-ce que c'est vrai? Et est-ce que le contenu des cours est intéressant? Merci d'avance.
  3. Udem because I can apply to med after the first year if I have the grades
  4. That is true bit what about microbiology? Is it a good program?
  5. Hi, I am a CEGEP student in health science, and I have to apply to university now and I just realized that I really want to go into med, but the problem is that I have an r score of 28. I know really low right!!! But to be honest I didn't put much effort into it and I was in science classes with geniuses (believe me). The thing is that I want to do a bachelor in UDEM now but I am lost between sciences biomedicales & microbiology and immunology. I heard that biomed is better since it is easier to get your grades up quickly, also this program is considered to have a high IFG (not really sure what that means) but also that there is a lot of competition to get into med. So I was wondering if microbiology is better for me. However the min r score for last year is 26, so does that mean that bc I'm in a "not really difficult program" that I have less chance to get accepted? Which one is better in terms of grades & classes (I tend to work better with what I like)? Is it feasible to satisfy the requirements after one year? 3 years? I forgot to mention that I really like bio but not as much as physiology. Also I am really determined and motivated I even changed my studying habits and I am really doing my best now. I would really appreciate it if some of you can help me from your experience or from other people's, and if you have better suggestions about other programs, other universities (even outside of Quebec) please let me know. I am really desperate for help.
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