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  1. Does anyone else feel like we should be collectively moving our LOCs from Scotiabank to literally anywhere else? Their partnership with Cineplex makes me feel dirty. I know at the end of the day my interest payments will still end up in the hands of the same capitalists, but wouldn't it be nice to say we did literally the smallest possible thing to not be tacitly complicit in an active fight against reproductive rights? After all, we exist in an extremely privileged position in society, and have a responsibility to not use the small amount of power they've given us for, well, evil.
  2. I may be remembering the graphic incorrectly, but I recall the descriptions were (among other things): Savings: N/A Student Loans: Lowest interest rates LOCs: Low (Prime +2.5%) Credit Cards: Highest (9-29%) If I'm misplacing the Prime + 2.5% and that was intended to represent student loans, then their claim that student loans have the lowest rates would become false. Which, it isn't. So really, there isn't a way I can see them having told the truth to the best of their abilities, and that seals it for me.
  3. If they don't charge interest until residency and I somehow missed that, I'll redact my comments above. But I think you might mean that you don't have to start paying off the balance until after residency. They did claim this, but my understanding is that all major bank LOCs offer this as well. Correct me if I am wrong. There's no reason to believe they will offer anything spectacular in comparison to Scotia/CIBC/RBC/TD LOCs, as they operate through National Bank, which works more or less within the same market restrictions as all others. Once again, correct me if I am wrong.
  4. Currently sitting through the MD Financial Webinar on finances. They basically made the decision to go with Scotia for me. Edit: To elaborate, they cited prime + 2.5% as the usual LOC interest rate, and claim no one else defers repayment until after residency. At best, those statements are misleading, at worst, they just don't know anything about the competition. Either way, not what I'm looking for. If you're at all literate financially, there doesn't seem to be any reason to go with MD Financial.
  5. Oh me oh my. Result: Accepted to Windsor campus Timestamp: 12:04 pm wGPA: 3.99 MCAT: 516 Interview: Thought it went exceptionally well, guess I was right. Year: 4th year UG Geography: SWOMEN I'll be accepting. If you end up at Windsor and have any questions, feel free to PM me.
  6. In the same boat as you, no e-mail yet. But it doesn't look like anyone has received an acceptance yet, so don't jump to any conclusions!
  7. Rural Southwestern Ontario Resident BSc - Honors Health Sci 2017 MCAT - Test Date September 2015: 516 (95th): 129 C&P (93rd) / 127 CARS (83rd) / 130 BIO (97th) / 130 PSYCH (97th) GPA (OMSAS): 3.99 ABS: Extensive shadowing of GPs, family doctors, & neurologists (>1000hrs); Athlete at a provincially competitive level for 5 years; Volunteer statistician for a varsity team throughout undergrad; Elected representative on university board of governors; Absolutely no research experience, or desire to acquire any. References: Okay; Include a neurologist & coach; No professors; Don't think they're that big of a deal at the schools I applied to (?) Last Year: No interview invite from Mac, Queens, or Ottawa This year: No interview invite from Mac or Ottawa; Waiting on Western & Queens (hopefully tomorrow, can anyone confirm who has called?) I hate caspr and my CARS is mediocre at best, so I'm not surprised about the first five results above. No one has any clue what Queens cares about, and Westerns MCAT cut offs could go up this year. Do I get an interview? And if I don't, what do I do instead? I have almost no desire to re-apply again next year to anywhere besides Western.
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