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  1. Maggie19

    Interview Invites/Regrets 2019

    May 14th. I asked Chantal when I was there just to make sure
  2. Félicitation J'aurais peut-être dû pousser un peu plus quand ca m'est arrivé
  3. I'm probably getting ahead of myself, but has anyone been involved in a university level sport while in medical school? Is it doable? What about just a recreational level sport?
  4. Ca m'est arrivé en 2017/2018. Il y avait une différence de presque 4 (!!!) points entre celle de 2017 vs 2018, même si ma moyenne avait augmentée?!
  5. Maggie19

    Withdrawal from French Stream

    French stream or CNFS?
  6. If you don't mind telling me, what are your GPA and MCAT scores? I'm applying next cycle
  7. Maggie19

    Post-interview discussion

    Pretty much the same thing that premed_67 said. I just feel like my answers weren't organized at first.
  8. Maggie19

    Post-interview discussion

    I feel like I could have done so much better, especially in the beginning.
  9. I'm in the same situation. Booked the rotel for 3 nights. Is it decently quiet at night?
  10. Diane Parent replied to my confirmation email earlier today and sent the interview information package along with it.
  11. Maggie19

    Medical condition

    I don't mind at all
  12. Maggie19

    Medical condition

    Thank you Mr Duck! I think I will talk about it if the opportunity arises. I'm just going to practice a bit to figure out the best way to explain it
  13. Maggie19

    Medical condition

    That's what I'm afraid of, the stigma around chronic illness and your ability to work/study like a "normal" person. But on the other hand, it is such a big part of why I want to become a doctor. I just don't want it to backfire. I firmly believe that I can do it. I'm not saying it will be easy, but I was able to do 7 years of university and I never used my condition as an excuse to not go to class or take an exam, etc.
  14. I have a pretty rare medical condition that is one of the many reasons why I want to become a doctor and I was wondering if I should talk about that when/if I'm asked about why I want to be a doctor. It has helped shape who I am today and since it's rare, it has made me want to go into a field where I would be able to help others like myself. I'm just not sure how the interview panel would take it.