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  1. Est-ce qu'il y a déjà eu des refus pour UdeM ou uLaval? Ou c'est seulement pour médecine qu'ils ont déjà envoyer des refus?
  2. I agree, it sounds like they're still figuring out what to do instead of in-person interviews.
  3. Non, toi? On devrait avoir des nouvelles bientot?
  4. Oh good, thank you! It's my first time applying do I really didn't (still don't) know what to expect.
  5. Is it a bad sign if they didn't ask me for a syllabus for one of the prereqs (Francophone university and used two courses to meet one of the prerequisites with permission from Jo-Anne)? Haha I'm kinda stressing out about this Personal statement would be a good option. Video interview sounds pretty awkward lol and I'm not sure how long it takes to score CASPer. I just know that that's what some medical schools are doing.
  6. Thank you! How do you know they were still reviewing files this week? I wonder what they're going to do for the interview ... still have in-person interviews (doubtful at this point), CASPER, video interview or nothing (evaluate what they already have)?
  7. Has anyone sent an email to ask an approximate date?
  8. C'est quand les premières vagues de refus pour UdeM et Laval? Je suis dans le contingent du Nouveau-Brunswick donc il se peut que ca ne soit pas en même temps que ceux du Québec, mais juste pour avoir une idée générale
  9. Not sure if you got your answer or not yet but when I interviewed 2 years ago there was a big snowstorm and I was told nothing could be done if I miss the interview since I was on the last day. I ended up being late to my interview because my flight got cancelled the day before then delayed the next morning I don't know if they can accommodate if there are more interview dates after though.
  10. Someone from the admissions department at Dal told me you need a minimum of 4.0/4.3 in your last 60 credits AND your 4 higher sciences prerequisites (or regular prerequisites if the other option doesn't apply to you). They only look at these two GPA's to determine who they invite for interviews. DAT, GPA, interview and (not sure about this) CV post interviews.
  11. The cut-off for French CNFS is usually around 3.6
  12. 1) I took physiology and biochemistry in 2011 so I don't know if it really helped me that much. But I did a lot of bio and biochem courses after and I think these helped me keep a baseline of knowledge if that makes sense. 2) I used DAT Crusher (paid membership so read all the material twice and did all the practice tests), DAT Bootcamp (no membership so used all the free material), and watched two videos on Youtube for Gen Chem (5h in total). 3) The complete bio notes (Nicole's notes pro) on DAT Crusher may be sufficient. If I did not understand some concepts, I used Google lol 4) I watched all the videos on DAT Crusher before carving. I carved my first soap while watching the videos (I followed every step) - it took about 1h. In total, I carved 12 soaps (2 packs from CDA) and scored 23. So you don't NEED to carve 30-50 soaps to receive a decent score. It really depends on you. I know I could have scored higher if I practiced more, but I ran out of soaps and didn't have enough time to order more. After every soap, I went through the evaluation criteria and really tried to understand what I did wrong. I spent about 20-30 minutes going over my soap. 5) Nope, no orgo on the Canadian DAT. 6) Same as first question, I took first year bio in 2010 and did a lot of upper courses over the years so I can't really answer this question. I'm sorry I can't be of more help. If you have more questions though, I'd be more than happy to answer. Good luck
  13. CNFS is a stream specifically for Francophones from provinces other than Ontario and Quebec (regular French stream). GPA cut-off is 3.6/4.0.
  14. Awesome scores guys! Here is my breakdown: Reading: 22 Bio: 21 Chem: 20 AA: 21 PAT: 22 MDT: 23 It was my first time writting it and I honestly thought I would need to retake it because of Bio and Chem. I'm happy I won't need to retake in Feb Although I may retake it next year if I don't get accepted
  15. Reading: 22 Bio: 21 Chem: 20 Science total: 20 AA: 21 PAT: 22 MDT: 23 It was my first time writting it and I honestly thought I would need to retake it because of Bio and Chem. I'm happy I won't need to retake in Feb Although I may retake it next year if I don't get accepted
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