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  1. That sounds like a decision that you have to make for yourself, especially if you already have an idea of what each profession entails. My understanding is that the job prospects for both fields is good and I imagine the salary is comparable. There is a fair amount of overlap between the professions depending on the setting in my opinion. To give you something else to consider, you should think about the type of setting you want to work in. Many PTs work in private practice, but it's not as common for OTs. My impression is that OTs primarily work in publicly funded positions, but there's also unique jobs like working for insurance companies. Both work in hospitals, which is where their roles look more similar. Maybe take a look at job postings and see which ones you could see yourself in?
  2. I have also seen this on the website. I have no idea why they say this as ORPAS calculates your GPA and sends the information to the school so I don't think it would matter. I took a 1000 and 2000 course levels in the past few years and it showed up on my grade calculation. Good luck!
  3. How is that acceptable? Is it because they want to keep people waiting until everyone's tuition is paid? Does it have anything to do with Kathy being gone?
  4. I'm not going to Toronto but if I was in your shoes, a 1+ hour commute would be out of the question. PT is an intensive program and I don't think you want to add a long commute to your already long days. I'm not sure what your financial situation is, but you know you'll be making good money as soon as you're done school. Also the fact that the program is only 2 years is a pro. Plus I would love the excuse to live in Toronto for a short period of time!
  5. How does it take so long to get through the waitlist? Haven't provisional acceptances become firm at this point?
  6. It seems unclear whether there is a minimum GPA for Queen's prereqs, but I had a 66 in Anatomy 1 and I got accepted. All my other marks were 75+. If the classes are just to bring up your sGPA, you might as well take ones you know you'll do well in.
  7. Guys this person is clearly a troll... Who knows whether they haven't been successful and are just bitter because of it, or just don't have a good understanding of health care professions... Let's bring our attention back to those that are on waitlists and are waiting to hear good news. My heart goes out to all of you that you still have to wait another week to hear anything. I'll be checking in here continuously to continue contributing to this (mostly) supportive forum.
  8. That seems to be what I'm seeing on kijiji... thank you again for your help!
  9. Thanks. Is there a big price difference between places that are walking distance to the school and places farther away? I'd rather be closer since I'd be closer to downtown too, but if there's a huge difference then obviously it's not worth it. Also whereabouts on campus are your classes? I've never been to kingston/queens, so I'm just looking at google maps.
  10. Where is the student ghetto? Lots of places on kijiji say "close to campus" but I definitely don't want to live in partyville...
  11. Thanks, that's really good advice! I've heard that it's so intensive that it makes undergrad looks like child's play. But balance is definitely necessary. I actually have another question, can you give advice for what areas to live in? I have a car, but is it worth parking at school? Is it better to be closer to campus to walk/public transit?
  12. Thanks for the reply! I'm from the North so doing a placement here would be perfect for me. I'm just wondering if they give preference because I have family scattered in a few different cities in southern ON too, so it would be perfect if I could live with them. I don't have any other specific questions, but is there any advice/heads up you want to give? I know Queens does the anatomy crash course, so I'm definitely gonna be spending the summer studying.
  13. Hey! How does the catchment area thing work? Are there some placements in kingston or are you relocated for the most part? Can you give preference for where your placement is? By NOSM do you mean the med school in Sudbury?
  14. This was me last year (except my GPA wasn't that high). For me, I knew it was my application itself, I didn't make it personal enough. I did a bit more volunteering and brought up my GPA a bit more (just because the cut-off is slowly creeping up), and I wrote a killer application. I did not contact the school because I felt like I knew why I didn't get in, but if you want to go ahead—I've seen many people on this forum say that they did and they got great feedback from the school. Feel free to message me if you have more questions or want more specific advice!! And remember it's okay to get rejected the first time
  15. Without knowing anything about where you applied, what your grades are, and how much experience/volunteer work you have... lots of people on here have applied in previous years and been declined, myself included. The programs are just so competitive, many people are not accepted straight out of undergrad. I would take some classes in the fall to upgrade your GPA, and try getting more experience to develop your understanding of the profession. Even just applying again without changing anything, you are guaranteed to have better application the second time around.
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