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  1. I. Ranking of Applicants for Offer of Admission All applicants who were selected for interview and participated in the interview process are ranked by the Admissions Committee. 1. General MD Program, MD/PhD Program Stream, and Bilingual Stream All applicants who participated in the interview process will be ranked in their respective pool by calculating a composite score in the following way: (15% AGPA + 40% MCAT® + 35% MMI + 10% CASPer®) X (rural co-efficient if >0) X (academic co-efficient if >0) X (socioeconomic and cultural diversity co-efficient if >0) Applicants' component scores with differing variances are standardized by determining Z-scores within their respective applicant pool before mathematically combining the component scores to calculate the composite scores and ranking for applicants for offer of admission. The (old) applicant information bulletin states the above, but I'm confused by the last bit. Essentially my question is whether it's advantageous to apply to a stream because you're only competing against the people in the stream initially? I'm not too sure what they mean when they say they "mathematically combine the component scores to calculate composite scores". So if you ranked top of your stream because say like 5 people applied but you didn't rank highly overall, what would this mean?
  2. Congratulations of your recent admission to medicine! As a prior (unsuccessful thus far) applicant, I can only imagine the amount of excitement and relief you are feeling knowing all your hard work has paid off! I am currently undertaking a Master of Science in global health and social medicine and after interacting with this incredible community in the past, I’ve decided to do my dissertation on pre-medical students who are at the beginning of their medical careers. For those who have done research in the past, you know how difficult it is to find participants. I am looking to do a 10-minute interview (longer if you want to keep talking though!) regarding how you prepared for your application to medicine and your journey as a pre-medical student up until this exciting time. This is essentially a pilot project designed to better understand the pre-medical student community and the effects of the admission requirements on knowledge and education. As it stands, this MASSIVE community of students is very neglected in literature and I’d like to change that. The interview will be anonymized, and I would be happy to use whatever form of communication you’re most comfortable with. Your small amount time would mean the world to me and would help paint one of the first pictures of pre-medical students in Canada. Please send me a message on these forums if you’re interested! Thank you and I look forward to hopefully hearing from you! -EthicsForBreakfast
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