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    The cheese though
  2. Amen. It was extremely frustrating to be an applicant last year. Med school acceptances are already astonishingly late compared to things like law, grad school etc. and being left in the dark as to your position on the waitlist really puts your life on hold for at least a month after the original round of acceptances come in May. I think everyone would agree that we'd prefer being told it's highly unlikely even if it is a hit to the ol' ego than simply being told to wait it out.
  3. EthicsForBreakfast

    New Requirement for uOttawa

    I'm out of province so I can't speak for other universities, especially in Ontario but by fluff I mean additional introductory courses without direction towards any particular degree. Veterinary doesn't require a degree and so more often than not people won't actually advance and just stay at the 1st or 2nd year level. The key here is that "the rest of their undergrad" doesn't actually exist because like I said, they're not working towards a degree. I think it's excellent that medical schools are wanting a broader range of students but where pre-requisites ARE required, it's assumed that the information from them should be known in order to understand the concepts they plan to teach in medical school because otherwise they wouldn't ask you to have it. If they drift away from pre-requisites, it's assumed that basic sciences will then be covered in the curriculum where necessary.
  4. EthicsForBreakfast

    New Requirement for uOttawa

    And like I also don't want a doctor that only got in because he/she filled 3 years with fluff courses to make up for the fact that they tanked basic sciences which are the important concepts in medicine.... Veterinary is TERRIBLE for that. They need to get on this game.
  5. EthicsForBreakfast

    uOttawa Interview 2018 Discussion

    Thank you Mr. Duck. Who knows, perhaps our paths will cross and we'll end up working together! It would definitely be an honour even though I'd never know and don't plan on asking every doctor I work with if they are Mr. Duck.....
  6. EthicsForBreakfast

    uOttawa Interview 2018 Discussion

    I feel like it’s a disadvantage lmao. Anyone with a GPA below 3.94 or so likely needs to rank within the top two MAYBE three baskets before chances begin growing slim. I think with this current system having a higher GPA gives you more of an advantage than if GPA combined with other factors. You’d be surprised just how many people that apply are 3.98+ and they will be top of whatever basket they’re in automatically. I think GPA can bite you in the ass more with UOttawa’s method than others. If your GPA didn’t knock you out the first round it’ll definitely come back swinging the second round LOL
  7. EthicsForBreakfast

    uOttawa Interview 2018 Discussion

    From what I understood last year, depending on how you do in the interview you are placed in a "basket" we'll call it. Then within that basket you are ranked by GPA. That's how people with much lower GPAs can get in above those with higher ones because they did well enough on the interview to be in a higher "basket". It's also how you can track your chances as people post. If someone posts with a lower GPA than you that they got in, you pretty much know you're not in their basket and have to hope you're in the next one lol. I could be wrong but I think this was how it was explained. The interview score is out of 4 as well, but I think it's more general like 4, 3.5, 3 etc.
  8. EthicsForBreakfast

    uOttawa Interview 2018 Discussion

    It's not the MSc. designation I'm after but more the fact that the degree is in bioethics and the experience of living abroad for a year that I'm going to be gaining. Because I failed in the interview stage last time, I think this period of growth will be super beneficial and help me stand out a little more. My GPA will also be higher than this year if my last year of undergrad is counted vs. only my first 3 years. I could definitely not get another interview which I accept but it'll be all up from here . Everything happens for a reason anyways. @Maggie19 THANK YOU! Your answer is exactly what I need bless xo @Donald_Duck I absolutely see where you're coming from but thankfully I have been offered a position contingent on my master's degree which will allow me to begin paying off debt if I decided to pursue something other than medicine. Thank you for your advice though
  9. EthicsForBreakfast

    uOttawa Interview 2018 Discussion

    I’ve experienced a UOttawa interview and would prefer to have as many shots to get in as possible after my master’s since I’ll likely be a better candidate then. Additionally, options are nice but if you turn down an actual offer I’m pretty sure some blacklisting will come with it. Plus if I get into med I want to be ALL in like the people on these forums. I don’t want to be giving up an amazing opportunity elsewhere because then it will make my experience bittersweet. I can have both in the order of masters then med but not if I do it vice versa. Therefore I think my future self will appreciate me throwing in the towel at this stage.
  10. EthicsForBreakfast

    uOttawa Interview 2018 Discussion

    Thanks. I definitely have no intention of leading them on because someone should absolutely get my spot. The UK accepts master's students on a rolling basis. I applied in October and so I got in in October and I had to accept that pretty early on. Because both programs are extremely competitive I went for both at the same time in hopes one would work. Now that one has and I've had ~4 months to get used to the idea my mind is pretty much made up. RIP OMSAS fees though lol.......... it was an expensive feel good moment to get that email I suppose
  11. EthicsForBreakfast

    uOttawa Interview 2018 Discussion

    1) I sent an email asking and have yet to hear back. Considering I have to answer by Monday, that option is getting sketchy. 2) I have called the admissions line and get a voicemail roughly 90% of the time. I cannot have her call me because I am in school 8-4 and we would end up playing telephone tag so there is no point in leaving a message. 3) From my understanding the 3 strikes system exists because if you fail an interview thrice, you have screwed up at the stage when they met you in person and got to know you on a heightened level. I guess the school assumes something is wrong with your character (as if your admission isn't heavily dependent on those simply applying with you at the time). You can however apply as much as you want if you are declined an interview. I sit in the middle at the moment which is why I am looking for some semblance of an answer. 4) I don't want to fly to Ottawa to interview if I won't be losing a strike because it's expensive and I've pretty much committed to something else for the next year. If it counts as a strike though I may as well go for it and at the least get interview experience or a really, really tough decision to make. Honestly I'd rather just not, so I'm hoping to bail at this point without consequence.
  12. EthicsForBreakfast

    uOttawa Interview 2018 Discussion

    Hey @Donald_Duck idk if you answered before but you're hella busy so if not I figured I'd try again lol :$ . Declining an interview doesn't count as one of your three strikes the same way interviewing and failing would, right?
  13. EthicsForBreakfast

    Interview detail email

    I'm surprised that they sent the package before I even answered with my decision. I guess last year I was just so hyped that I emailed back immediately and assumed you only get the package after doing so
  14. EthicsForBreakfast

    Question about bilingualism

    Yeah I feel like the box you explicitly check off will flag them to ask about your bilingualism. In my experience they didn't even ask a question in French but rather asked ME to ask THEM a question in french. They also answered in english lmao
  15. EthicsForBreakfast

    Ottawa 2018 Interview Invites/Rejections

    Doesn't UOttawa say that no preference is given to OOP vs. IP? We're all competing against each other so I don't think it should come as a surprise that you didn't get an interview because you were IP. McGill OOP interview is different and amazing that you got one, but an IP Ottawa interview shouldn't come easier than McGill OOP on the basis that you're IP.