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  1. If you don't pay, are you automatically kicked out right away, or is there just a period where you accrue interest? It might be worth it to rack up a bit of interest so that you still have the fall back, if they give you that option.
  2. I'm with Looktoabove. I would contact your program and ask to defer your payment. I wouldn't tell them that it was because you were waiting for news for another program, but just something along the lines of "it really won't be possible for me to make the payment at this time. Is there any way that I can defer the tuition payment until I get things straightened out?" Most schools have some sort of grace period for tuition (I defer mine every year while I wait for my student loans to come through), so it may be possible.
  3. I feel like a poll like this may be biased - it seems to me that people for whom it took fewer attempts would be more likely to respond than those for whom it took many (even if it is anonymous). Which I don't say to dissuade you from having it - I like the idea - but so that no one gets discouraged as a result of statistics. And I mean, I got in on my first attempt to the only place I applied, BUT saying that it took me one attempt doesn't reveal that there were seven years of undergraduate-level university before that attempt. So there's a grain of salt to be taken there as well.
  4. If you're a graduating McGill student, your Minerva should say "internal use only" in the transcript session. McGill transcripts will be obtained by McGill itself, and you don't have to do anything.
  5. My doctor was pretty upfront about the fact that some people may not even be able to repeat the procedure once, but from what he told me, it's very dependent on the person, and on the method that they use (scalpel or laser to create a flap or... some kind of dissolving type method that I don't remember because I was definitely not keen on having any part of my eyes dissolved even if he promises that things grow back). They measured a whole wack of things before and after the surgery and as far as I could tell, they were pretty upfront about what was realistic for me. I've only been back once, for a five year checkup, but I'm told that things have remained pretty stable so far. I probably should have said "for two or three touchups, unless you begin to have severe age-related deterioration" instead of "within reason," because that's what it means in my case, essentially. How long ago did you have your procedure done?
  6. I started saving for the procedure when I was fourteen, but they wouldn't do it for me until my eyes remained stable for at least one year after my eighteenth birthday. I had the procedure when I was nineteen, and essentially, my surgeon has guaranteed my eyes for touchups for life (within reason). So from a personal standpoint, I'd say that as long as your prescription has remained unchanged for some time, the sooner, the better. If there's a chance that your vision is still declining, I would definitely say wait: no sense in having to redo the surgery. But in terms of age, younger is better, imo.
  7. I had iLASIK 8 years ago, and I am on pretty much the same page as caribou! I was -4 and -3.75, and ended up paying around $2700 after everything (which takes into account 8 years worth of inflation and private insurance). It took longer for me than 5 minutes, but they corrected all of the individual geographic flaws in my ocular landscape. I was 20/12 for a few years, and my vision's still 20/15 today. When I look at what I spent on contacts and glasses in any given year, I've already "paid it off." I don't know anything about what kind of insurance you get through school, but you could probably give your insurance company a call directly and ask - they should have a pretty good idea. The one thing that I would advise is that if you do go for the surgery, either refuse the ativan or require them to give you a dose to try out in advance. They insisted that I take it despite the fact that I wasn't really anxious (I was actually super stoked about the whole thing), and I definitely regretted it when I found out that I am one of the lucky few to experience paradoxical effects with the drug. Which is part of the reason that I can't give you the exact timing on the procedure, ha - I flipped out when they were half way through my second eye. My eyes honestly weren't sore or light-sensitive after I got home and slept off the ativan-induced panic attack, but my vision was a little blurry for the first day or two. After that, there was no "downtime." I had the halos around lights at night time for about four months, but they weren't all that distracting. My night vision now is worse than it used to be, but it's still better than average. Putting eyedrops in for a couple of weeks was a pain in the ass, so I'll mention it as something to consider when timing your procedure, but I get to tell everyone I have laser vision, so I'd say that makes it worth it.
  8. They also look at course load on top of the level of the courses. So if you took 6 courses per semester and maintained your 4.0, that's to be considered. And the level is really a numerical thing, not based on what people at the school say is easy, so if you can find a 500-level bird course (for example), that is better than like, CALC 3 (which is a 200 level that makes people cry).
  9. I am only one person and can't speak for the entire group, but I doubt that I'll be alone in saying that it 100% wouldn't be weird. People might notice that you didn't get your calculator from the bookstore in freshie science classes, but if it works, I doubt that they're going to care - seems like a similar principle here. If I already owned a stethoscope, though, (especially if it were any other Littmann, which are all good quality) you can bet that I wouldn't be picking up a new one. I'm stuck between getting Cardiology so that I don't have to buy a new one for the next 20 years regardless of what field I go into (maybe hearts are my one true passion) and grabbing a standard because that's all I need right now and a) I could fall deeply in love with a field that doesn't use one b ) it could be lost/stolen and I'll have to replace it or c) 3 years from now, traditional stethoscopes could be obsolete. Who knows? I'll probably decide based on what kind of sales I find over the course of the summer - maybe it'll end up being a Welch Allyn.
  10. Yes, it is on the website (you can check the page that I linked higher up for confirmation). =)
  11. I can't answer all of your questions, but I know that during this past application cycle, I was told that if your basic sciences expire as of the application deadline, you have to retake them whether you have completed all four of the alternate science requisites or not. Essentially, they only look at the alternate four if you also have valid (within the past eight years) grades for the original seven. The issue is that at least five of the seven basic sciences have to be completed with grades finalized at the time of application as well. Are summer courses an option for you this year? You can read more on the subject here: https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/requirements-edu/basic-science-prerequisites I did my missing science requisites at Concordia as an independent student. There was a teeny bit of complication because of the lab component in chemistry bringing you up over the allowed number of credits, but I was pushy and got an exemption - it shouldn't be too difficult to do if you talk to the right people and explain your situation. They have a cost per credit calculator here: http://www.concordia.ca/admissions/tuition-fees/calculator.html I believe that CEGEP may be a cheaper option, so I'd wait to hear back from some more knowledgeable people before making a firm decision.
  12. I like your fun math, but I'm going to throw in another variable - there were only three rest stations in my section (13 people), and another person told me that some had two. So if the 336 doesn't hold, then it's possible that Y-X =! 1 and Y may = 0. Hopefully not, because I'd like to be optimistic for those waitlisted for interviews, but while we're doing speculative maths anyway...
  13. http://plus.lapresse.ca/screens/d2d77ca3-ec8e-4670-9677-f90a2962ac18%7C_0.html ^ McGill apparently has a House now, if La Presse is to be believed. You can be Wilson and Vicodin can be his vicodin, and things'll be pretty well-rounded (sorry t0ny - maybe you'll have to try being you ;P).
  14. Dude, I tried to pay mine straight away for the same reasons too! If I give McGill my money, then that have to take me. O:) I had trouble with my payment in the first place, but that's cause I don't use my credit card for much, so I've never boosted my credit cap over $600 and I've put more than a hundred bucks on there this month. Maybe that's the reason for the problem in your (@Crouton) case as well?
  15. I read a bunch of stuff about the wait list after my interview, and I can't find it now, but somewhere, it said that they choose the number of wait list positions based on the trends of previous years, ie they try very hard to only put people on the wait list that they think that they're going to "need" (or will come off the wait list - I'm phrasing this poorly, but hopefully it makes you feel a little bit less squishy about the whole thing). Big run on sentence, but I'll update with the URL to where it was written if I can find it.
  16. My status has updated to Admitted with Condition as well, and I am so excited that I can't even pick a reaction gif.
  17. It's funny, because I don't remember anything about whether the waitlist ranking will be released (it still says that it will be here: https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/after-youve-applied/waitlist-post-interview but the page hasn't yet been revised this year), only with regards to refusals. I guess we all heard slightly different things, which is pretty typical of McGill, ha.
  18. I can only answer for myself and two others, but none of us have had anyone reach out.
  19. I believe that they mentioned that they will not be releasing details about rankings this year - is anyone able to confirm this for me? Not that it would hurt to ask that either, but it was mentioned at my interview that they learned that instead of helping people, releasing the rankings just stressed them out, so they made the decision not to.
  20. Vie

    Music For Studying?

    https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIKC2UBcyfT4y_zyJKQgsq7L40jrFUkfP Here's a good starting point. Lots of classics, and these are specifically chosen for study purposes. =)
  21. Vie

    Music For Studying?

    Even if you're not a gamer, would you ever consider video game music? There are some great playlists on Youtube (Spotify's a great recommendation but I find that Youtube is fine for music as long as you have UBlock or something to keep you from hearing all about Pantene Pro-V and the newest Mazda). A lot of it is specifically designed with concentration/focus in mind, it's minimally distracting (couldn't be in a game if it were) and it's non-lyrical by nature.
  22. Not to answer specifically for this poster, but many in-province students only complete three years of undergrad (having done a year of CEGEP beforehand), and therefore 90 credits. The following page confirms that "degree used as the basis of admission must be successfully completed and conferred by July 31 of the year of entry to the first year of the M.D.,C.M. program." https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/requirements-edu/degree-requirements
  23. The target date for NTP interview invitations isn't until April 3rd, so it just means that you're still in limbo. =) https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/categories/roq/ntp
  24. Rather than stress yourself out, just wait for a status update. I know that's easier said than done, but no news is literally just no news when you have humans inputting these kinds of things. =3
  25. TIME STAMP: 10:03 AM Result: Invite wGPA: 3.97 MCAT: n/a ECs: I figure skate, run a book club & a board game club, I've got a few years of in-hospital volunteering and work (& lots of other work), scholarships/academic awards... Year: finished second UG last year IP Letter of EC: No
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