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  1. I emailed the Admissions Office and they told me to follow the University of Toronto instructions which says 250 words. They told me the OMSAS character count is a generic number for all text boxes for all schools. I cut mine down to around 250 words just to be safe.
  2. First time applicant here. I finished undergrad last year and only applied to two schools here in Ontario (Mac and Queens). My UofT cgpa is 3.86 (wgpa is the same) and a 512 MCAT (128 across the board). I got rejected from both schools. My cgpa for Mac was 3.81 and my wgpa for Queens was 3.88. I'd describe my ECs as solid but nothing spectacular (2 first author pubs on the way, 250 hours of paid work at a community health centre, another 200 hours volunteering at a hospital, year and a half of clinical research and a year of research at a government institution, involved in 2 different clubs, long term science outreach to youth, other minor volunteer roles, and some festival awards when I was in a band couple of years ago ). Do you guys think it would be wise to re-apply again this year with an updated ABS? I'm afraid that it's too risky since I feel like I'd get rejected again and I'd waste another year not doing anything of value. I like the clinical research I do and I wouldn't mind taking a two-year master's at IMS here in Toronto in neuroscience (my research involves concussions). The only downside is I'd miss an application cycle, but it can potentially make the difference between getting in or not and making me competitive for schools such as UofT. I was also considering moving to BC to become an in-province applicant and finding a job in clinical research there. Seeing how I lived there for 16 years and have an extensive social network, I wouldn't have any adjusting to do (my adjusted academic average for UBC is 86%, about 1% below the % average of those matriculated). I'm not too keen to go abroad seeing as I wouldn't be able to afford going to the States and its risky going to Ireland and the Caribbean. I feel like I can get in here even if it takes like 3 times. What would you guys recommend?
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