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  1. yah just what do they mean by this exactly? how much leeway are we going to get? I might need some haha
  2. me being super paranoid but does anyone's say they didnt get in haha........ i want to freak out and stuff but no one has posted saying they didnt get in lol
  3. Does anyone know when the waitlist moves? Will it be ongoing (ie. when U of A offers next week, will Calgary send offers as people decline) or will they wait until May 25th to do it all at once? I feel a bit more hopeful today after seeing that calgary sent like 100 (!!) more offers than were accepted last year (to me that seems really high and I dont know if IP and OOP are different waitlists).
  4. I just want to know, people seem genuinely happy to be on the waitlist, but I am super sad about it. Should I not be? Are the chances really not that bad?
  5. Hey. I'm really sorry. I see you a lot on here and I just want to say that your enthusiasm has been really inspiring, and I hope you don't give up. <3
  6. yaah but calgary starts a lot earlier than ont schools, so they sometimes release decisions earlier to give people time to sort life out and stuff.... anyways itll happen when it happens i guess
  7. I think a few weeks from now, but I noticed that in 2015 acceptances were sent out on April 20th. Safe to say Im starting to get a bit nervous haha
  8. can I just say I don't think you should look into this too much. In mine they were just scribbling like mad at everything I said for what I assume is a holistic conversation afterward. At the end I saw them flip the page and there was a whole page of writing (I didnt see numbers).
  9. my panel interviewers were like talking to a judgemental brick wall LOL. I tried my best with the hand i was dealt though
  10. Wait of course mine wouldnt say that regardless of an interview. I already go to the u of a haha. Transcripts are automatic.
  11. but applicants currently attending the u of a for another degree right now don't have to do anything right? it's automatic?
  12. hahah omg i'm actually laughing! Not to be rude of course I am so sorry for your outcome, but it's just like come on? Really? "cured cancer, launched first space mission to Mars, built the world's first nanoparticle research facility in the arctic with my bare hands, president of a medium-sized nation... guess I'll try harder next year" the whole med admissions process is becoming a serious eye-roll at this point
  13. Hi! Im just wondering why you would put these. I have a similiar job with similiar (not as advanced) certifications. However, I reasoned that the admissions committee wouldnt need to be told about them as single entries (plus there are so many) because it is sort of implied that I carry them by the fact that I have this job! No? Anyways I was just wondering why you would decide to do this?
  14. Hi everyone, currently trudging through the long-winded ABS section and was wondering if anyone has a link to where it says that submitted papers shouldnt be included in the research section (i vaguely remember something to this effect last year). It says that submitted (not accepted or published) publications should be included, on the uottawa page, so I am inclined to report them, but if there is info from OMSAS that says I shouldn't I would like to contact OMSAS for clarification. They cant comment on how to write ABS of course, but if there is a written contradiction between the uottawa site and the OMSAS site then they might be able to help! Thanks!
  15. Thanks so much for your response! So context involves things like level of difficulty? I have been lucky enough to score a perfect GPA in an honours program with what I would consider some pretty hard classes (4th year research thesis courses that I took a year early, etc). Im just wondering how they would know which courses are hard and which are not? I mean since there are so many courses, and since I am not applying from McGill, how would they even know!
  16. I just really don't like the 'black box' model of med admissions. I wish admissions committees would be more upfront and clear about expectations and selection processes. Some schools (U of C and UBC) I find have admissions teams that are so transparent! I feel like U of A is moving away from transparency lately (I remember the admissions site used to be a bit more clear some years ago) and I just really wish I knew the reasoning behind it. :/
  17. Hey everyone! I'm currently choosing which schools I would like to apply to, and while Montreal and McGill would be a dream come true, I am a little (a lot) discouraged by stats concerning OOPs. From your point of view, would it be worth it to spend the time and money applying? Why or why not? Thanks for helping me make my decision!
  18. they do say that info about how GPA will be "calculated" is not available. This suggests that theyre working on rules about how to calculate GPA and probably not about how to count GPA. Maybe they wont just drop the lowest year but instead drop the three lowest credits or something. Who knows. But I think (hope) it's still assessed competitively
  19. thank you so much! You seem very knowledgeable about an admissions system that I know nothing about! If i have any questions in the next few weeks, would you mind if i messaged you? thanks again!!
  20. my transcripts have already been accepted! It would be the letters of recommendation that I know would take half a month! Would you say to clamp down, write the essays and send it in? thanks
  21. Hello! I am looking to apply to a few american schools, but unfortunately my summer situation doesn't allow me to complete the application until mid-July! I was wondering if this would be a little too late to be considered competitively? Thanks!
  22. I just want to know who this advisor is? Telling select people some seriously game changing information but not announcing it formally? Where is the professionalism that adcoms always say is so important?
  23. same. this is crazy why would they just switch up expectations like this without giving us a year or two to adjust our focus... why ualberta why
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