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  1. Hey what year is the DAT Destroyer? And for how much?
  2. Selling TBR Books (2013 Edition) TBR Biology Part 1 TBR Biology Part 2 TBR General Chemistry Part I TBR General Chemistry Part II TBR Physics Part I TBR Physics Part II TBR Orgochem Part I TBR Orgochem Part II
  3. Hey everyone, Right now I am in uni and I am planning to write my MCAT next summer end of July. I wrote it before and I struggled particularly with CARS. I am trying to make the UWO CARS cutoff. I am willing to prepare a bit during the school year and I need suggestions on how I should prepare. In terms of Resources, I got quiet a bit (Nextstep, TBR, Examkrackers and TPR and TPRH Verbal), Old AAMC Qs) and if need be, I am willing to buy more. When it comes down to summer time, I want to already look in good shape for CARS. I will have three free months of summer to also study for the MCAT, so any advice would be appreciated! Also, I am planning on applying to US and was wondering if anyone who got 515-520+, what did they do to get that score? Thanks in advance!
  4. I personally think you should not do another bachelors degree. Since you did well in your 5th year, I would suggest doing a 6th year instead. That way you could be competitive for Queens, Western (assuming you make the MCAT cutoffs) and have a shot at Ottawa (weighted 3-yr gpa). Personally, it does not make sense to do another degree as that won't make you much more competitive. Do well 6th year and get a killer MCAT score
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