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  1. Not sure if anyone else if having this problem, but when I try to click "Location of school" and "school name" there is no drop down for me to select from and it stays blank. I also can't add more terms until I fill this out so it's kind of just stuck there. Is this happening to anybody else?
  2. Hi All, I know this topic has been discussed quite a bit on the forum but I just wanted everyone's 2 cents especially considering the fact that it seems U of A (and U of C for a while now) is starting to favour more "mature" students recently. I'm having a hard time deciding whether I should go for a 5th year or a 2 years masters. My gpa is 3.70 right now and MCAT scores 510. Other then that I would say ECs are pretty average. I'm not sure what would be more productive: (hopefully) boosting up my GPA with a fifth year through open studies or getting some solid research experience through a thesis based masters. Does anyone have past experiences going through either of these routes? I know there probably isn't a wrong decision but I just want to be realistic.
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