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  1. futureMD95

    Course-based Masters GPA?

    U of T does?
  2. futureMD95

    Course-based Masters GPA?

    I apologize, I see this was already asked. Should look back before I panic and post something. Anyways, would love some insight into what the Ontario schools do.
  3. Just looking for some clarification. Do Ontario Medical schools consider the courses you take in your masters degree towards any sort of GPA calculation?
  4. If you don't mind, where did you get these statistics?
  5. Does anyone know if they have an interview waitlist?? Would that be indicated in the email sent today?
  6. Invite (Feb 24) Timestamp: Jan 31, 12:52 PM wGPA- not sure, somewhere between 3.9-3.95 for sure. MCAT- 128/128/130/130 - 516 EC’s - diverse, I think. Basically no research though (only 4 months as a research assistant back in 2014). 7 years employment as a lifeguard/swim instructor. Also worked as a liaison officer for my local university, travelling the province to recruit students and conduct presentations. Hospital volunteer hours (around 2 years), Rotary club member (also about 2 years), mission trip to Haiti to help in a medical clinic in 2014. Numerous university clubs - was part of the mental health awareness club, a club that raised money for the homeless shelter in my hometown, an instructor for student exam review sessions for intro psych courses (students offering support club), Golden Key social media chair for my local chapter. Guest speaker at a few youth leadership events. That's kinda the gist of it. Lots of teaching experience and public speaking. Essays - felt good about them Last year of masters program IP Honestly shocked. Got rejected from western today (my dream school), so I really needed some good news. Third time applying, first cycle with interviews. Keep working hard everyone! I know how draining this process is but don’t give up!!
  7. futureMD95

    Interview Invites/Regrets 2019

    Honestly, I think pursuing a masters degree was a big help. I’m currently in my final year. Besides that, maybe CASPER was better this year? My CV was very similar honestly. Used 2 of the 3 references I have always used, but switched one up. If you ask me, I think this system (not just Ottawa, all med schools really) is incredibly flawed. So many good people are missed every year and my heart breaks because I know how that feels.
  8. Rejected Timestamp: 11:54 AM IP and SWOMEN Best 2 year GPA- 3.94 cGPA- 3.9 MCAT - 128/128/130/130 - 516 EC’s - 7 years of employment as lifeguard and swim instructor, including many advanced qualifications. Worked as a student recruiter at my local university. Medical mission trip in Haiti. 2 years of hospital volunteering. Exec member of many student clubs - clubs advocating for the homeless, mental health awareness. Golden key international honour society chapter social media exec. Former Rotarian with my local Rotary club, etc. Finishing up a very competitive masters program. I honestly don’t understand. I managed interviews at Ottawa, Mac, and Toronto. I’m grateful for those opportunities, but Western was my dream school so I can’t help but feel disappointed. Thought that this was the one school I was a shoe in for an interview for, especially being SWOMEN, but I was definitely wrong I guess. Perhaps it is my lack of research?? Not all docs need to be researchers. Seems to me like the school wants more publications in their name or something, who knows. Wishing everyone out there the best of luck on their interviews. You all have worked hard and deserve it. And for those of you who are having a devastating day like me, I would just like to remind you that this is the fault of a flawed system and that you are all smart, capable, caring applicants. Don’t give up on the dream.
  9. futureMD95

    Interview Invites/Regrets 2019

    Invite/Rejection : Invite! Time Stamp: 22/01/2019 - 1:04 PM Location: IP Stream: English wGPA: 3.9+ Current year: Last year of masters ECs: varied. Very minimal research. Longer term employment, volunteer, exec for many clubs in undergrad, international volunteer work, etc. PM for more details Casper: Felt pretty neutral about it. Was enough to get Mac as well so must have been okay. Third cycle applying and first cycle ever getting interviews. Hang in there everyone! I know how tough a rejection can be but you can make it happen! Keep working hard!
  10. Time Stamp: Jan 10, 1:09 PM Invite GPA: 3.90 CARS 128 Casper: Felt pretty neutral about it IP
  11. futureMD95

    London MMI Prep

    I would love to do some MMI prep!
  12. GPA: 3.90 CARS: 128 CASPER: no clue at all... IP
  13. Hi Everyone! Looking for some advice on my current situation - any ideas are much appreciated. I’m currently a second time application to Ontario Medical Schools. Last cycle, I did not receive any invites. This cycle, I am also having no luck and just currently waiting to hear from Toronto(!!) I graduated with an Honours BSc Biological Sciences last year. I am currently in my gap year, working part-time at my long term job of nearly seven years after just having finished a contract position as a Liaison Officer for my alma mater. The big debate right now is how I can use the rest of the year to further my application, if I don’t have any luck with Toronto over the next month or so. Here are my stats: wGPA - 3.93 MCAT - 508 - (129/125/127/127) ECs - Employment as a Lifeguard/Swim Instructor for almost 7 years, teaching advanced courses like the National Lifeguard Program, Standard First Aid courses, and am currently one of my pool’s supervisors. 4 months as a Liaison Officer, travelling the province to represent my school. Over 100 hours of hospital volunteer work. Executive positions in various clubs (Mental health awareness, Golden Key local chapter, club supporting the homeless in my community, etc.) Exam Aid Instructor for Students Offering support. International medical mission trip participant in Haiti. Rotary club member. Science mentor for one year. Minimal research experience- 4 months in first year as a research assistant. Not super passionate about research so I did not pursue this area as much. Basically, I’m wondering if I should focus the next few months on gaining volunteer experiences, work experience, etc. or if I should rewrite the MCAT to get a chance at other schools. I know I met UofT’s cut offs so I guess I’m just wondering what my chances are in gaining an interview, especially with minimal research, so I can better make a decision. Thanks in advance!
  14. futureMD95

    uOttawa Interview 2018 Discussion

    Oh man, why do they hate us
  15. futureMD95

    uOttawa Interview 2018 Discussion

    Then I would probably offer them a cruise