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  1. Hope you guys receive positive news tomorrow.. try to get a good nights sleep tn - you may need the energy to celebrate!
  2. And on the off chance that the information doesn't reduce your stress, perhaps this highly irrelevant meme may assist
  3. I can confirm the above; Diane emailed me a reception of documents confirmation the day following my sending the pertinent documentation/deposit via an overnight shipping option.
  4. Result: ACCEPTANCE!! Time Stamp: 7:16 am EST wGPA: 3.99 Stream: English Geography: IP EC's: Cheesecake Current Year: 3rd Interview: Pretty dope, aloof and kind of disinterested with lots of ethics but that's how I like it bc I'm not the touchy-feely talk about myself type - feel like I cultivated interest near the end. TIME TO OBLITERATE MY LIVER!!!!
  5. My lord May 8 already lets get it chulos drinks will flow like Niagara tomorrow regardless of the outcome
  6. I had a dream last night that I was in a horse-drawn carriage hand-delivering acceptance letters to applicant's doorsteps... idk what the *expletive* that means, but needless to say it sketched me tf out... I need some Xanax...
  7. Yes - you get a score out of 4 on your interview and are ranked by that score; all those who get 4 will be ordered by GPA (highest to lowest) and so on down the interview scores (idk whether they're continuous or increments of 0.5) until the initial 164 spots have been filled (my understanding). Interview is the major factor, but not the only one. EDIT: Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
  8. To be honest the difference for me is timing - there is so much I need to accomplish. I have not even gained entry into medical school yet - the vision and the effort are all but meaningless to me if the end goal is not realized. A significant other will almost invariably have unrealized aspirations of his/her own, and as a junior or a senior in undergrad, the pressure to find someone does not supersede the pressure to realize one's perceived potential. Once (if) I'm a medical student, my future is more or less determined; sure, things become more labour intensive. I am not trying to say that gaining entry = the end of all anguish and strife associated with the journey. However, at that point in my life, my focus will (more than likely) shift to include that which is relational - I may be compelled to make compromises that I would not have made so early in my academic career. Not to say that I will not give my training all the effort that it merits, but at a similar token, it is paramount that one finds fulfillment in all aspect of one's being - relationships are crucial to this fulfillment. EDIT: @curiousaboutapps1
  9. Exactly - apps like tinder are great for hook-ups, but it takes away the spontaneity and magic associated with the traditional approach... it just doesn't do it for me. Also not great for finding substance. For example, the girl in question I met while at a morning volunteer placement - she was there on my day bc she missed her's that week and wanted to make up the missed date. It was the kind and patient way she interacted with people that initially caught my attention - something you could never ascertain while thumbing your way through painfully superficial profiles.
  10. Haha, yeah - I asked her out in the moment and we just skipped class and spent the day tg. I was extremely up-front with what I was looking for... guess she liked that
  11. I know it sounds silly for such a short span but yeah, most alive I've ever felt - quite a complicated ride though lol
  12. Don't know what you're insinuating , but never mentioned I met her in Toronto fam, I met her at home. But she plans on attending grad school in Toronto... at the time I had not heard back from UofT... asked her out the day I met her though
  13. My gf broke it off with me bc when asked I told her I wouldn't wait a year to go reapply to UofT if uOttawa saw the light and came a'knocking - lot's riding on May 9th lol
  14. Good luck to the rest of you MF's still waiting - my fingers are crossed for all of you (especially for those who are waiting for Toronto as their last hope this cycle). It's been great chatting with you all as the cycle dredged on. Big things on the horizon. - Anbessa
  15. Just realized I haven't posted here yet. Result: Invite Time Stamp: 01/24/17 @ 3:01pm EST wGPA: 3.99 Year: 3rd year UG EC's: Diverse w/ a good amount of long term experiences and "unconventional" entries. Casper: Cheesecake
  16. Just got circumcised with some rusty-ass clippers Result: Regrets Time Stamp: 4:07pm EST 03/27/17 cGPA: 3.99 Year: 3rd year UG MCAT: 516 (125 CARS) EC's: Cheesecake Essays: 2 months of laborious crafting and innumerable evaluation and remodelling. In retrospect, possibly too impersonal. Geography: IP
  17. Good points, I definitely agree. I believe luck refers to the subjective favourability that one reviewer may have for your application vs. another. This notwithstanding, there are definitely controllable elements that contribute to reproducible success, and these should not be downplayed.
  18. When I speak of comparing files, I am not referring to procuring information from forum posts; rather, I am referring to detailed comparisons of complete OMSAS submissions between peers who have either been rejected, or have been offered an II.
  19. Perhaps you both are correct. After all, I can only speak from my own (limited) knowledge and experience. Undoubtably there is a great deal of luck that goes into the admissions process. I think what I'm meaning to say is that framing your story and relaying your experiences is kind of an 'art', and the way in which you go about this (i.e. mindful of school's mission statement, criteria, initiatives/engagements etc) can help your application in a predictable manner. Of course, I could be completely wrong, and my opinion does not hold greater weight than either of yours.
  20. I disagree with this - UofT releases a significant amount of material pertaining to the criteria by which the assessment of one's file is based. A file may be perceived as strong if it makes use of these resources to frame an application geared towards the criteria set forth by the institution. Of course, subjectivity is abound; however, with 6 reviewers, the effects of subjective analysis are partially circumvented by way of consensus. Further, a strong file at one institution may be inadequate at another, depending on the respective criteria (i.e. I am a relatively strong candidate to Ottawa and Toronto; however, with a low CARS score, I self-selected, and decided not to apply to Mac or Queens, where I would be a comparatively poor candidate). It is definitely possible (with the help of objective third-party reviewers) to ball-park what weight your application holds with regards to the criteria of any given institution; this is especially true when comparing one file against another that has already received an invite or a rejection.
  21. I've watched friends receive invites with files of lower quality than some of the few applicants I know still waiting (myself included); I find it exceedingly hard to believe (even considering the relative subjectivity of the file review process) that there's nothing but regrets for all remaining applicants. Yearly posts follow trends, but outcomes are not overtly predictable; with the evidence presented from some of the forum members kind enough to call on Thursday, it appears as though there are still spots to fill. Nothing (to my knowledge) has come out since then. Strong files are strong files, regardless of when they are reviewed - if you were (realistically) confident in the strength of your file in January (as perceived by yourself and your peers/reviewers), your confidence should not wane on the basis of time.
  22. I think I met my future wife this week and she's gonna do grad school in the city.. both of my heads need the UofT adcom to come thru for me at this point ....
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