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  1. No you're good, its the bugger IPHE course that's causing the conflict but IPHE isn't an actual course with a scheduled time and place, its just an activity you have to do every so often with the other health professions students but they need to have it in the timetable because you get credit for it. I'm showing as a conflict between IPHE and Anatomy but we would go on to Anatomy and the IPHE events are typically in the evenings after classes. I think you do one per year or one per term, something like that.
  2. I got my recommendation letter for PT on May 15th and my official letter from FGS on the 25th, so don't worry if you don't hear anything within the week time frame they suggest. Paid my deposit within 3 minutes and then you wait 2 business days to register for courses and I was definitely breathing easier once I saw my schedule in front of me.
  3. I had the same concern, I went to Dal and spoke directly to FGS and they have this as a fail safe for fraudulent applications, say if you applied as a Nova Scotia resident when you are really from Alberta/Ontarion/etc, or if you lied about your application GPA or faked information in some form on your application. Dal PT and OT don't have the resources to investigate each application this thoroughly, so once they make their recommendations to FGS they do the final precautions. Seems weird I know, but apparently a few years ago the Law school at Dal had a bit of a scandal when a student who lied and said they had already completed a law degree (JD) applied to do a Masters of Law, was accepted and was a practicing lawyer until this person then applied to work at some firm who finally did a background check and BOOM discovered that they had been fraudulent in their Dal applications. You'll hear the story yourself if you attend the Masters Students Orientation, there's a whole department at Dal now dedicated to preserving academic integrity.
  4. I believe that the group gets made by the Physio Society within the next week or so, I was a research student here for the last year so I was technically part of the class of 2019 and I was added to the Dal PT facebook group on June 6th last year so I am expecting an invite soon. Unless you guys went ahead an started one?
  5. Congrats! I've been watching to see if you would hear! See you in September !
  6. Did you tell McMaster about your situation? I know of a girl who became pregnant during her first year of physio and the program (at a different school) let her take some time off and then she came back a year later and resumed her studies. While yes there is no GUARANTEE that you will be accepted again next year, from trends I've observed during my 3 years applying is that your number of applications is taken into consideration. Reapply and waiting for your preferred school demonstrates dedication, for medical schools I've heard 3 is the magical number that people always get in on their third try. And being financially stable and with your family is valuable, your PT education could likely suffer from the added stress of being in a new city with no support. Just this week I had to decide to withdraw from a prestigious research program in order to start physio in the fall so I could work this summer and make the best financial situation for myself to prepare myself for the next two years. It is a bit of a gamble to have to reapply again but you are clearly an impressive candidate who got into Mac and WL at western, maybe you would now have time to add another volunteer experience or GPA boosting course to be even more impressive next year. I am a big advocate of the expression 'the best things are worth the wait'. Good luck!
  7. Except Dal, they do not use any graduate level grades for PT application GPA.
  8. Also make sure the courses you are using to GPA boost actually will be used in GPA calculations for your chosen school. For example, when I did not get in to Dal Physio on my first try I took more kine-related courses that I thought would help my application since the degree I had just graduated from was Neuroscience-based. However when I contacted Dal Physio during the following application cycle they told me that they only courses they allow to upgrade your GPA once you graduate are 3000- 4000-level courses of your first degree. So of all the courses I took to boost my GPA that fall semester, the only applicable one was an upper year motor control course I was signed into because of my neuro background so it was almost a waste of time. Try to avoid 'bird' courses that they would look on your application and immediately say 'oh, she took COURSE WXYZ and got 95 but so did half the class and its not relevant to her field". Hope this helps !
  9. I don't know if anyone has tried this, but for people wondering about waitlist movement have you looked at the threads here from earlier years? This is the link for the 2015 cycle. This is the thread from 2016, i had to go back a bit to find it. And this is last year's thread. Might be a lot of reading but maybe some insight as to how the wait list has moved in the last 3 years. Good luck everyone! This dream is hard but I hear it's worth it!
  10. I agree, I went back to school, did a second undergrad (it only takes 2 years once you finish your first) and applied to PT again and I've just been accepted. If you can't see yourself doing anything but OT do whatever you can and need to make yourself competitive, which unfortunately means high grades.
  11. Email! I got my email about half an hour ago (last name starting with B, but I also accepted my recommendation/offer within 3 days of receiving it and the deadline to accept isn't until tomorrow), and just paid my $200 fee and now it says I can register for classes in about 2 business days. ITS THE END OF THE LONGEST TUNNEL EVER.
  12. Dalhousie's Faculty of Graduate Studies began sending out official acceptances for PT today, the first round a few weeks ago was a recommendation and with an official offer you can pay your fee and no doubts about it confirm your seat. Almost there!!
  13. I just went to see Kelly, she said any documentation that has your name and mailing address of your resident province is fine, I asked specifically if driver's license or student loans forms were okay and she said yes long as it has again your name and address.
  14. This is very true. The first time I applied was from a university that used a different GPA scale than the one I was applying too, turns out I wasn't even eligible to apply because my grades were above the cut off according to one scale but not another.
  15. I lived in South Tower (on the corner of South and Tower, 6 minutes from the front door to the front steps of the physio building) for 2 years and just recently moved out, great building, underground parking, pool, and 3 different sizes of one bedroom apts based on your budget. They've also just completely renovated Fenwick Tower on Fenwick street (about 8 minute walk to the School of Physio) so that would also be a decent option but I have never lived there personally. Avoid any apartments near Quinpool Road (respect for anyone on here who lived/lives there, I went for a viewing and was terrified so just my opinion). Most of the apartment buildings on Spring Garden Road might be within your price range, I've looked at a few and they are newer and seem to be decent, and you are practically on top of the half of campus that houses the physio school and the Collaborative Health Education Building where I've been told we will spend a lot of time. I've looked into a lot of apartments since I moved here in 2015 so I can definitely let you know which ones to avoid. You'll see a ton of apartments advertised as being in the North End or on Robie Street, for context I live at almost the far end of Robie Street and it takes me about 35 minutes to walk to school or its a 10 minute bus ride (I really like to walk so I don't mind it and bus pass comes with your tuition). Hope this helps!