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  1. If you got in feel free to PM me so I can add you to the facebook group
  2. I think I did decent RC: 17 AA: 22 PAT: 23
  3. If you're talking about the lab equipment question, I picked the volumetric pipet. For that bone one i picked osteon, which I think the answer was e.
  4. Bio - I think it went well. I know I for sure got one question wrong - the phosphodiesterase question. I thought about it during my break and I'm pretty sure the answer was cAMP Chem - no surprises there PAT - keyole, cube counting were easy. some of the pattern folding ones questions took awhile to solve, angles and keyholes were a little difficult for me (they're my weakest). RC - my worst section, i guessed on a bunch
  5. Thanks for the advice, 22 is a great score. Do you have any tips for the search and destroy method? I've been trying to practice it on bootcamp, but I always feel so lost and sometimes I end up having to skim from the first paragraph to the last. By the way, what are some examples of keywords that you were mainly trying to look for? Hopefully this format does not stick, if it does, I agree with you about it being harder than the american RC. 20 is a pretty good score, it's actually what I'm trying to get on the DAT.
  6. Thanks for the replies guys! When I wrote the DAT last november, I was expecting the questions to be in order as well but they were not
  7. I've been trying to practice RC, but I always find myself running out of time (usually only about 10 minutes left for the last passage). If you have any tips, including any methodologies on how you underline things or make notes while you read, they are welcomed.
  8. Same here! They didn't contact me but its up now on the site
  9. I think it will go up. The DAT average for the past two years have been 18ish due to the MDT. If you look at the test score scales in the recent years, only about 150 people get an MDT over 20 per DAT. Its easy to get 20+ in all the sections if you study hard enough. If you look at the test score scales, well over 300-500 people get over 20 in TS, RC, and the PAT. With hundreds of people scoring well over 20 in each section, it only makes sense to me that the removal of the MDT will make the average go up by a little bit.
  10. I'm taking the cDAT this february and I'm not able to download the DAT confirmation letter for some reason. I tried to email them but I got no response. Is it like this for anyone too?
  11. I would love for it to go down or stay the same, but think it will go up
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