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  1. Hi guys, I recently decided to go into PT and OT, and have done some basic research and found out that I am only eligible to apply to PT programs at UofT and Queen's. This is because I either lack some pre-requisites or that my lowest pre-requisites mark is at B-. However, none of these pre-reqs are within the last 60 credits of sGPA. I haven't completed my research for OT schools yet, but it seems like OTs are a bit lax on the pre-reqs. This is my stats, cGPA = 3.66, sGPA = 3.89, both including a non-degree year (full course load). Extracurricular wise, I am currently a rehab staff working with clients with Acquired Brain Injuries, volunteer at Cardiology clinic, and also a rehab volunteer at a hospital. I have also a number of volunteer experiences in the past. Since I am new to this, and don't know many people in PT. Could you guys provide an insight as to my chances at UofT and Queen's, and likelihood of increasing these chances? Much appreciated!
  2. Yes, you are right. After re-watching that video from UofT admission committee, I gained a clearer understanding of how GPA is used. Based on the application pool each year, they create a competitive GPA cut-off at the initial file screening stage, after which GPA is no longer mentioned. The next stage is detailed file review in which one's essays, 3 ABS statements, and LOR are being closely examined to determine who is worthy of an interview. After the interview, the applicant's final score is consisted of 50% detailed file review + 50% interview score. So GPA is competitively used in the sense that it varies based on the competition of each year. Keep in mind that UofT admission website mentioned that a minimum of 3.8 is considered competitive, and this was written 2 years ago I believe when the admission average was 3.96. There is definitely a reporting bias on Premed 101 as the number of people who is invited to interview is usually around 550, and the ones that get in are around 210. And look at how many of these people posted on Premed 101. Therefore, I doubt that the competitive GPA cut-off used by UofT is as absurd as 3.88 or 3.89. Not even Harvard has this high of a cut-off.
  3. Did UofT specifically tell you that GPA is NOT ranked, but assessed competitively? I doubt it is assessed competitively at a cut-off, because one user reportedly got in with 3.61 wGPA. There were also a few other users who got in with <3.85 wGPA in 2016.
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