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  1. yes got it too. it says that there are 152 seats in montreal for people admitted with a university degree. How many of those seats are reserved for quebec candidates? i thought i read 76 somewhere but that doesn't make sense. shouldn't quebec residents occupy most of the 152 seats?
  2. Do you get an e-mail notification if you get invited for interviews? or do you have to keep checking on omsas to find out?
  3. I have “GL” next to mine not sure what that means too...
  4. thanks for your help! Turns out I was using the previous version of the workbook which apparently had glitches concerning the EXTC section
  5. Hey guys! Anyone here applying with extenuating circumstances unable to type anything in that section of the workbook? It seems to be protected by a password. What password are we supposed to put in? I sent admissions an e-mail to ask them but am hoping that someone here may have the answer in case they don't get back to me on time. Thanks!
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