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  1. Hey thanks! I had already seen this. I guess I was double-checking because I saw people who got in with 3.3 or 3.4 GPA, but who also had graduate degrees, so was wondering if it was really possible to get in with those grades only from an undergrad. But guess the 10% academic context really matters after all! Cheers!
  2. *PLEASE HELP* :-( Hi guys, I don't have any stats but I have a question for those of you who applied and got accepted with a Masters degrees or PhD: - Did they look at your post-undergrad grades or not at all? I have read somewhere that McGill only looked at undergraduate degrees, and it also seems to be the case according to McGill's website. So with which degree you applied with? I am hoping to either do a second undergrad or MPH, but if they won't look at my MPH GPA then there's no point, because my first undergrad GPA is not great. I don't mean to derail the initial forum topic so you can private message me with any insight if you would like to help me out!! Thanks Congrats to those who got in!
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