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  1. Rekabnire

    Any movements?

    Last year it was around this time that the waitlists started moving a lot - around the second week of June.
  2. There's not a ton of emphasis on the GPA after you get an interview (and your GPA is high enough for an interview). I don't think the GPA boost you would get from another year of undergrad would make much of a difference. I agree with you with the job option. If it's in a health related field or if it gives you specific skills that would be helpful in medicine then it would help. But if it's just a job for the sake of a job, probably not. I tried a few times to get in but the work experience I had (health related field doing research with some clinical experience) really helped in the year I got in. I was able to bring lots of work experiences into my interview. The benefit of doing MPH would be getting research experience especially if you don't have much research experience elsewhere. I would probably rule out more undergrad right away and go with one of the others. The job option really depends on where you're working and if you think that the experience and skills would be more valuable than what you would get from a grad program.
  3. Rekabnire

    Line of credit

    I've been looking around, and what I've found is that if you go into a bank with what the others are offering, they'll match it. They're all open to negotiation, so you can't really go by the offer itself. I'm with BMO and they typically can't compete with the other banks for the medical student LOC, but I showed the guy RBC's website, and they matched it all (I ended up getting approved for Prime - 0.25%). They also gave me access to the funds with JUST an acceptance letter as an added perk.
  4. ACCEPTED!!! (After many tries) timestamp: 9:55 IP GPA: 3.5 Undergrad, 4.0 Grad MCAT: 505 (CARS 130) ECs: A ton of health related volunteering, leadership positions in most current volunteer positions. A ton of work experience, including clinical research. Interview: I felt good about 5/8 MMI and felt pretty good leaving the traditional, compared to previous years SJT: Felt pretty good about it, finished it really quickly, but who knows! Congrats to everyone else accepted, good luck to the waitlisters (I've been there twice - it's the worst), and good luck next year to everyone else! I've had a lot of disappointments, but today cancelled out ALL of that. Keep at it if you really want it, and you'll get in!
  5. They come out one at a time starting around 9/9:30. So you could get it any time between open and close of the business day.
  6. About 17 hours until they start now!!
  7. I highly doubt it. The 6th seemed to be pretty consistent. And we likely would have heard by now if they were coming today.
  8. Anyone else a nervous wreck right now?
  9. I just physically walked into the admissions office and they said March 6th. It's really starting to sound like March 6th haha
  10. I heard a new rumor that it's March 1st. Someone supposedly heard directly from an admissions committee member, but I heard it through someone else so I can't verify it.
  11. Last year they didn't seem to. One of the first letters to go out was an L- last name.
  12. Last year letters started shortly after 9am, and it seemed like all acceptances. Everyone I know who was waitlisted got their letters around 12:30/1pm and most people I know who were rejected found out between 2 and 4.
  13. I have a theory that they might delay letters because of the WHO conference on the March 3-4th weekend. I think a lot of people would drop out of the conference if letters came before, and since it's tied to the faculty of medicine, it might be a factor. That's also 100% speculation.
  14. That's how it's been the past few years. Everyone gets an email on the same day, and then the paper copies get sent by registered mail. The email you get basically just has a scanned copy of your letter attached.
  15. In previous years they've sent them out one at a time. They seem to send out acceptances, then waitlists, then rejections, but I don't think that's actually a rule. Just a pattern I've noticed. Edited: But I think the LAST email last year was like 4:30. I'm pretty sure it didn't go into the evening.