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  1. Yeah I'm not too sure if there were any changes made in regards to those courses. The faculty will send you a welcome letter, that has all the information regarding which courses you must register in. No need to stress about course selection right now. For our first year, we had a total of 13 courses (6 in fall and 7 in winter). This is including INT D in each semester.
  2. Hey! I just finished my first year in the program, and I can help clear some things for you. Assuming they don't change the structure of the course, you will have to register for INT D in both the Fall and Winter semester. It is a full year course technically, but the majority of the course work falls under the Winter term. As for the community service learning class... I'm not too sure what that is. As far as I know, we did not take such a course in our first year. The experiential learning course you are referring to is PHARM 354, and it is listed under Year 2. I'll just post this link for your reference! https://calendar.ualberta.ca/preview_program.php?catoid=20&poid=19648 Lastly, your orientation will take place over 2 days, from August 28-29. Classes will start on September 3rd I believe. Hopefully that helped answer some of your questions!
  3. Hi N3aDIA So last year I got my rejection letter on July 19th, but my admission decision was already updated on Beartracks a few days before.
  4. Hi everyone I got my acceptance letter yesterday as well. I am 2nd time applicant (rejected first year). I didn't have an exceptionally high GPA, both my pGPA and cGPA were around 3.5. I felt like my letter of intent was strong, and my interview was decent. I have also been volunteering at a pharmacy for many months now. For those who don't have an really high GPA, don't lose hope just yet!
  5. Hi all, I emailed Rae yesterday, and asked her about admission offers. She said offers are still being sent out for the remaining seats. I am applying as a first year student, so I don't know if they even consider first years. My pGPA is 3.4, and I still haven't gotten an offer yet, and I did my interview late as well. It stressful, waiting for an offer haha. Congrats to those who have been accepted!
  6. When I submitted everything, they told me to check for an invitation in early April. Gives us plenty of time to complete them, cause I think they are due by end of May if I am not mistaken.
  7. Hi guys, My pGPA is around 3.5 and cGPA is about 3.3. I am still a first year student and was wondering how many first years are usually accepted? Also does anyone have any tips for writing an outstanding LOI? I have a lot of volunteering and extracurricular, but I can't get around writing a strong LOI.
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