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  1. Hi N3aDIA So last year I got my rejection letter on July 19th, but my admission decision was already updated on Beartracks a few days before.
  2. Hi everyone I got my acceptance letter yesterday as well. I am 2nd time applicant (rejected first year). I didn't have an exceptionally high GPA, both my pGPA and cGPA were around 3.5. I felt like my letter of intent was strong, and my interview was decent. I have also been volunteering at a pharmacy for many months now. For those who don't have an really high GPA, don't lose hope just yet!
  3. Hi all, I emailed Rae yesterday, and asked her about admission offers. She said offers are still being sent out for the remaining seats. I am applying as a first year student, so I don't know if they even consider first years. My pGPA is 3.4, and I still haven't gotten an offer yet, and I did my interview late as well. It stressful, waiting for an offer haha. Congrats to those who have been accepted!
  4. When I submitted everything, they told me to check for an invitation in early April. Gives us plenty of time to complete them, cause I think they are due by end of May if I am not mistaken.
  5. Hi guys, My pGPA is around 3.5 and cGPA is about 3.3. I am still a first year student and was wondering how many first years are usually accepted? Also does anyone have any tips for writing an outstanding LOI? I have a lot of volunteering and extracurricular, but I can't get around writing a strong LOI.