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  1. Hi All, Anyone know what the break down for the MCAT was this year (i.e. 503= #/10, 510=##/10 etc.) I'm considering if I should rewrite or not. Thanks
  2. coolboi99


    I applied last year and I felt that I was not able to provide a detailed description on the ABS as there was a 160 character limit. I see that on the application it says detailed ABS for NOSM, Queens and UOttawa. Is there another form for these schools because I can't really provide a "detailed ABS" in 160 characters or less. I applied to Dal and they had a lot of room.
  3. Yeah this is true. BUT guess what.... They have a socialistic system. They have high quality education for free, better healthcare, better pension plans, social security, paid vacations etc. Here doctors are capitalistic, but the healthcare system isn't.
  4. I think the current system is fine. If the government does not like the way the current system works then they should come up with salary + variable compensation, full time position = 40 hours/week and everyone should get a pension after 65. If the current bill goes through then financially speaking becoming a doctor is not worth it. You'd be better off becoming a nurse, RT anesthesia assistant, physiotherapist or any other HCP which really only requires 4-6 years of schooling rather than 10-16+ years. Very little stress, less lifetime commitment to education. I personally know someone who recently graduated as a RT and is an anesthesia assistant and makes 110K in Halifax. I don't know how medicine would be financially rewarding after all that school when someone who's 24 with only 4 years of education can make 100+K, gets a pension plus other benefits. Even going into the RCMP you'd make more.
  5. Are you sure? Salaried physicians in rural NS are able to incorporate.
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    Yes it does. You only get 7 tries in a lifetime. No point in voiding at least for most schools as they look at the highest MCAT score. Do look at the schools you intend to apply to or may have a good chance at later.
  7. coolboi99

    NO MCAT Seats in Halifax!?

    So I've heard, but I was told that a few years ago Quinpool was the only location to write it. Last year there were 3 locations. The only seat I can find is for next week
  8. I'm mentally preparing to re-apply for this up coming cycle. My MCAT score was low and hindered me from applying to schools like Queens, McMaster and some out west, so I am thinking to re-write it. I can't find any seats in August in Halifax. I feel it may be a glitch on the AAMC site as I registered end of June last year for August 25th and had no issues. Have they maybe decreased MCAT seats??
  9. coolboi99

    Ip (Ns) Waitlist Poll

    Will the waitlist even move considering it has been almost a month since Ontario offers were sent.
  10. I'm determining if its worth reapplying this year. I was not offered an interview in the 2016/2017 application cycle although my GPA and ECs were quite high. I lived in rural NS most of my life. I think that rural context may have been low as most towns in Nova Scotia have a stronger Metropolitan Influenced Zone (MIZ). I'm assuming NOSM uses the MIZ map/statistics provided by Statistics Canada to calculated a rural context score. If you are or know someone who has been accepted from Nova Scotia please let me know. Cheers!
  11. coolboi99

    Ip (Ns) Waitlist Poll

    Anyone accepted yet?
  12. Do what you'd be interested in. Dal has no pre-reqs...
  13. I think it has more to do with Z-scores. In previous years some with a 69 were accepted over someone with a low 70.
  14. NS - Waitlist Congrats to everyone accepted this year! STATS: Academic: 18.00 / 25.00 Essay/Supplemental: 27.00 / 35.00 Interview Score: 28.72 / 40.00 Total Score: 73.72 / 100.00 Probably may need to re-write MCAT.